Estee Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi Protections UV Defence SPF50 Cream Review!


One of the reasons I have always been slightly reluctant to wear sunscreen in my day to day life is because a. I like the idea that I have tough Asian skin and I don’t need no sun care protection, yo! (well…none of the women in my family use it and they’re fine) b. sunscreens can be quite oily and leave a whitish cast on the skin.  That’s not to say I haven’t found some […]

Skinfood Powders: Red Orange Sun Pact SPF50+ & Seaweed Shining Bronzer Pact Review and Swatches


It’s nearly summer – although you can’t tell from the RAIN outside.  My skin is still as dry as anything but as it warms up, I find more and more use for pretty powders.  I purchased 2 powders from Skinfood a while ago but have only just had the chance to open them to give them a go! They are both sunny themed – one is a bronzer (pretty rare where Korean or indeed Asian […]

Daily Sunscreen: Kanebo Freshel White C UV Day Gel SPF31 Review


I am trying to be more careful with sunscreen – I’ve noticed my skin looking more tired and aged, as well as the fact I am getting darker and darker despite not going on holiday (sob!) or indeed sitting in the sun for any length of time. So I bought a number of face SPF, body sunscreens and so on to ‘try’ and be more careful with UV protection!  One I’d like to present to […]

Sun Protection in your Face Powder: Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder SPF 30


Buy something just because of the packaging? Me? Never! Well ok…quite often. Skin79 has some interesting releases, although their BB cream is too light for me and their concealer didn’t cut the mustard! I wanted to try this All Day Sun Powder though – it sets your make up and has a high SPF of 30 too. And it, er, comes in a really nice case. They say: Luxurious loose powder formulated with Diamond Powder […]

You roast the chicken, not yourself: Calypso Deep Tan Original Carrot Oil


I was searching eBay for some SPF protection for my hair and scalp, when I spotted this Calypso Deep Tan Original Carrot Oil with SPF….0. Man, do they still make this stuff? I remember when the girls at school used to cover themselves in vegetable oil and burn themselves in the “front” garden, over a sunny weekend in the pursuit of a tan. They’d turn up at school nice and toasty the for the next […]

Hissyfit Lip Service Lip Gloss Review in Guava Review


The final product I tried out from the snazzily named Hissyfit range is this Lip Service lip gloss/balm – with an impressive SPF 50. It comes in four shades and a clear. Hissyfit’s lip service has shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e and like I mentioned earlier, a SPF of 50. I chose Guava because it looked like a pretty pink. In the flesh its actually more of a sheer red. They say: This […]

Hissyfit Handy Work Hand Cream Anti Aging Sunscreen Review


You know what gives someones age away even when their faces are pulled tight? Their hands, their neck and their inability to stop acting like they know better ALL THE TIME. Handy work by Hissyfit is a SPF 30 hand cream in a rather nice Orange Mint scent. Its also hydrating and has anti ageing properties. Whilst the skin on my hands are lovely and smooth now, I know I will have to start using […]

Hissyfit Saving Face Anti Ageing Sunscreen Tinted Foundation Review


Hissyfit’s Saving Face is a all in one product – it is tinted and comes in 8 shades (foundation, tick), its hydrating (moisturiser, tick), its anti-ageing (tick) and has a whopping SPF 50 and UVA/UVB protection. Needless to say, I was excited to try this out because its so imporatnt to use SPF on the face…and also because I’m lazy. So far I am loving this product. It feels like its thick in texture but […]

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