Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Swatches; Silent Treatment, Spoiled Brat, I Got Good Jeans, I Dream of Greenie

My Wet ‘n’ Wild problem has been documented, and began with this, but because I am obsessive, I went and bought more their palettes, this time the Color Icon Trios.

As you can see each of these have instructions, that is, where they are supposed to go! Browbone, Crease and Eyelid.

I picked out four and here they are!

This one is the most natural of the bunch 335 Silent Treatment, a soft shimmer light pink, a taupe and a dark brown with shimmer for the crease:


The sponge and brush with these are rubbish, but we can forgive that…

This is gorgeous! It looks boring in the pan but it’s stunning especially the taupe mushroom shade and the crease colour which is madly pigmented.

Naturally I needed to buy the green palette – 331 I Dream of Greenie. This has a mint green, a medium green and a lime green. I would’ve preferred a dark emerald instead of the mid toned green, but I guess this palette is all about the fresh!


These colours are also really lovely, although ever so slightly chalkier than the former. Still very nice but I guess lacks the punch.


226 Spoiled Brat is fab – I am into pink on my lids now so this silver, shimmery black and hot pink its just good fun!


These are very smooth, really lovely. If I was being extremely critical I would say the pink and black lack some oomph – they could be slightly richer.


333 is I Got Good Jeans – don’t know why I bought this, it’s not quite me but it’s rather nice and reminds me of a superhero outfit? Once again a silver, a deep metallic blue and a yellow gold:


Once again beautiful colours, buildable and silky smooth.


Comparing these to the 6 colour Icon palettes they are weaker, but still rather brilliant. I like how easy these are to use and how fun some of the colour sets are. These are smooth and super soft – actually soft to the point that they do crumble a little (a few swipes is all it took to fade the letters on the shadow out).

All in all, some nice purchases – I bought these from eBay so they were about £6 each but I now they are a lot cheaper to buy in the US!

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  1. Charlotte says

    OMG. these look amazing, especially the last one. I was wondering if you could please check out my blog? Thanks, much appreciated

  2. says

    I Dream of Greenie is my favorite. The lid shade on it is amazing. I’d have been happy with a darker green for the crease, too.

  3. says

    wow I love all the colours! especially how vibrant the greens are 😀 very punchy and summery! thanks for the swatches.