Shiseido MAQUillage Rouge Enamel Glamour Long Lasting Lip Colour OR242, PK243 Review!

Shiseido’s MAQUillage launched the Rouge Enamel Glamour a while ago. It is a long lasting lip colour, with a lip stain on one side and a gloss on the other.

MAQUillage lip products generally speaking are very strong – it is one of the best products the brand makes. This dual ended long lasting type product is rarer on the Japanese market (where everything is so sheer and watery!) so I thought it would be a nice change to buy two of them:


There are 6 colours on Three were natural (red, orange and pink) and three were stronger. I chose the bolder versions purely because I wanted something that would pack a punch!

The packaging is adorable:#alttext#

It reminds me of an award or something.

The bigger side is a lip colour and the other is a glittery lip gloss. OR242 is a bolder bright orange and PK243 is a strong pink. You apply the lip colour first and let it dry, then apply the gloss.

It’s just like the Max Factor LipFinity!

I love the applicators – it fits the lips nicely and I don’t know why but Japanese sponges are extra soft!


The lip gloss side is lovely too – it’s very glittery so beware if you dislike shimmer because you WILL need to apply gloss on top of the colour. The colour dries and leaves your lips a little tight so you need something hydrating on top.


Even if it doesn’t look like it, the bigger side has less product and there is more gloss supplied – good because that is the side you will reapply the most.

Here are the colours. The pink is a neutral rose and the gloss has lots of blue microsparkle. The orange is a tangerine and the gloss has green sparkles in it.


These aren’t anywhere as bold as I had hoped – they look quite pigmented here but on my NC35 skintone it took about 2-3 layers of the lip colour to get it to show up.

Also, as the gloss start to fade, my lips felt tight and a little uncomfortable.

The Orange:


The Pink:



This is quite a decent product but for my dry lips, I will only use it occasionally.

Also I wish it had more pigment – I’d put up with dry lips the day after for a dramatic lip colour but not for something I can achieve with a regular lipstick and a few reapplications.

Avoid this if you have very dry lips, or dislike having to reapply your lip colour.

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  1. says

    The orange looks really good on you! I would never pick that colour but it looks great. I think I will get that pink it looks like the perfect shade for me
    Stacie xoxox

  2. Jen says

    Ahhhh pretty…your lips look perfect, wish mine looked like that! Love the colours and the cute packaging (they look like very glam dumbells lol)