Cosmetics A La Carte Divine Lash Mascara Review

Cosmetics A La Carte’s custom foundation is now my every day base – so effortless to use and now their new Divine Lash mascara to try!

This comes in a biggish silver tube:


Divine Lash comes with a slim tapered flexible brush that is perfect for finding those fair and fine corner and bottom lashes and giving them a good coating of black.

It’s also pretty good for those with pale or short lashes and who find regular mascara brushes too large and unwieldy to get the necessary precision, and it combs through neatly without clumping.

One of the selling points of this mascara is the brush….It’s rubber and has short spikes – very good for combing through the lashes!


This mascara is good for length and for separation.

Before – looking at this photo I can see the lash serum I’ve been using is really helping!


With the mascara – it weighed my lashes down a bit so it was kind of half still curled, half a bit floppy! With a primer the curl will hold. I think with this mascara you could spend some time really combing it through and layering.


From underneath – excuse my messy application:



A good mascara if you want more length and separation. For me I prefer something that can hold curl better though.

Divine lash mascara comes in black and brown and costs £20. Buy it here.

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