Cosmetics a la Carte Bespoke Colour Custom Foundation Service Review

See, I have this problem with getting exactly the right shade – I am sure many other ladies understand what I mean. Slightly too dark…slightly too light….slightly too yellow…slightly too pink….

My drawers are full of these almost-but-not-quite foundations. Some of my favourite foundations have gorgeous textures but don’t quite get it right colour-wise.

A few weeks ago I popped down to Cosmetics a la Carte’s little boutique in Knightsbridge to get a custom foundation mixed. The boutique has had a make over from the last time I saw it and it is really, really lovely inside:


It has a warmth to it that some open plan stores are missing and you do feel like you can hang about and play with the make up.

The custom colour service is something unique that Cosmetics a la Carte have done for a long time. They can mix up all kinds of products, textures and shades for you. They can even make a foundation for allergy suffers by leaving out certain ingredients…The mixing itself takes no time at all:


Ok I admit guiltily I forget the lady’s name who mixed my base. We’ll call her pretty girl 1. Pretty girl almost right away can tell what components make my skintone (see above).

I have combination skin so 2 texures were mixed: Skin Velvet (which has a skin smoothing effect) and Skin Tint (which gives a dewy base).

The colours blended were cream, honey and beige (in equal parts).

Mixing them up:


The colour is texted on my clean face first. Once the shade is right (and it can be adjusted to your taste but I wanted a perfect match) a big bottle is made up for you.

Here is the full sized bottle:


Here is my base:


I was surprised how the perfect base for me was quite brown/beige – I thought I was more yellow but I am quite neutral really. Most bases I have are far more yellow than this.

This foundation has been my staple since the day I got it. The shade matches perfectly so basically, it is an effortless application. The texture is perfect – I prefer a dewy look but the slightly velvet/matte touch gives me a polished finish.

My skin was sensitive this day but you get the idea:


The foundation has a rose smell – that is the only weak point for me because I think the scent reminds me a bit of play doh! It’s not horrible but it’s the nevertheless I would prefer a scent free version.

Find out more about their custom colour service (they can also mix lipsticks, eye and cheek colours!) here. The custom foundation costs £47 for 30g and takes 5-10 minutes.


Cosmetics à la carte, 19b Motcomb Sreet, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 8LB

Appointments & orders: +44 (0) 20 7235 0596

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  1. Jen says

    Wow that foundation looks amaaaaaa-zingly perfect on you! Ouch at the price though…I guess that’s the price you pay for customisation! And with the rose scent…could they not leave that out like they would leave certain ingredients out for allergy sufferers?