Easy Peasy Nail Art – Etude House Code B Pen in Black

If you like nail varnish/polish then I have a nice treat for you coming up with lots of lovely Illamasqua swatches. Anyway – when it comes nails I am just a pretender. If I get a mark on newly applied polish they all have to come off cos I can’t stand it.

I am no nail art – artiste. I don’t have the patience, but I commend those that do. When I spotted this product from Etude House on eBay for about £4 I had to try:

etude housw code b nail art pen.jpg

Its called Code B….looks like a spy thing…don’t ask me why, its inexplicable.

nail art pen etude house.jpg

I have a massive set of polishes (which may go on the blog sale by the way) that have this kind of pointy nib but I am rubbish at using them. Is this any good? See after the jump…

The pen nib is fine but quite oozy. I am guessing this is because you don’t need to squeeze the barrel to get the product out, it just oozes out by itself. This means you need to be quick and have a certain amount of control:

etude house code b nail art pen in black.jpg

I basically had some paper next to me the whole time to wipe of the excess. Needless to say, if you ain’t using it, put the cap on it!

The colour is a typical opaque black which I though would be nice for designs. Its very opaque, not a wishy washy black which is great. Its medium thick but does dry pretty quickly. This comes in a few shades too, red and white I believe:

etude house nail art pen code b.jpg

Yah, I know – hardly a complex design – infact, its not even a design but like I said I am a novice! I put the dots on top of my topcoat, the simply wonderful Seche Vite, and it lasted really well.

etude house nail art pen.jpg

All in all recommended. Its a doddle to use and just a nice touch. Bought for £4 from eBay, seller – Ohmyalice.

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  1. says

    this is genius! but im worried on the control, i’ll luv to see more designs from this pen, let me have some inspiration, candy~
    xoxo elle

  2. says

    I’m the same way with nail polish; scratches really bother me. That’s why I never bother to paint my hands, I just use polish on my toes. Scratches aren’t as obvious. This pen seems nice, I’ll have to check it out.

  3. says

    hey they are really good i do 60 different colours for £20 they dry quick and they come really quick where i live but it depends where you live around the country and how much money you want to spend on thing like this xx