Vaseline Guess The Flavour Challenge!

I dont know how I’ve managed to find the time about to do this challenge, but I’ll tell you what spurred me on – the fact that I’ve been asking loads of people to sniff it and give me their ideas and none of us have the foggiest. 

Sniff what?  Well…

It’s only Vaseline’s New Limited Edition Lip Therapy Lip Balm! Last year’s flavour was Creme Brulee, remember?

Here was the challenge.  The new lip balm (launching at the beginning of September exclusively in Selfridges) is a secret for now!  A number of bloggers were provided with an anonymous tin and a set of clues.  On top of this, we were given craft kit of glitters, gems, glue etc to decorate the tin.  The winner gets a trip to Paris for two and £500 spending money (me me me!) and the same prize for a reader!

The clues:

Vaseline Lip Therapy 1

A Pink Balloon (not pictured)

A Champagne bottle shaped bubble blower thing.

A Pink candle

Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles

For me, the clues point to a celebration or party – something romantic too because of the hearts and pink.    Occasions are maybe things like an anniversary rather than a birthday celebration.  

To be honest the actual lip balm smells like Grapefruit to me. If there were NO clues at all, I’d say Pink Grapefruit as it has a super sugary sweet smell, but there’s also a fruity, fizzy tangy edge to it. 

On the other hand it also sounds floral.  Here are the ingredients:

Vaseline lip therapy

Wine Extract which is surely, kind of grape-y.  

Here is what my brain storming came up with:

Turkish Delight

Pink Champagne (but a bit obvious surely?)

Pink Grapefruit


Sparkling Rose (the wine!)

Pink Lemonade

English Rose

Anyway here is my design.  I mixed some food colouring in with the glitter:

Vaseline Lip Balm Team

I am amazed I didn’t make too much mess!

Vaseline Lip Therapy Champagne

Anyway so my flavour guess after thinking WAY too much about it is:

Champagne & Roses!

I can smell something floral and rosy in there, and the champagne is perhaps the fizzy edge.  It ties in with the glues in that it’s pink and roses can be, er, pink, and it’s thing kind of thing you’d give someone for an anniversary present.

Vaseline Lip Therapy 2

Come on! I wanna go to Paris!

The limited edition tins will be £3.49 each, more info at

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