Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser Challenge Part 2!


I have been testing the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant range for this last week (particularly the lotion) for this last week to see if I the range has helped my skin since the temperature has dropped!  I have never actually paid attention to the Cocoa Radiant range before – I had no idea it had a slight chocolatey scent (the cocoa) and that the range was so vast!  The range varies from £1.45 for the lip […]

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Essential Moisture Daily Body Lotion Blogger Challenge Part 1!


I am taking part in a Vaseline blogger challenge; to use their Cocoa Radiant Essential Moistuire Daily Body Lotion and other items from the Cocoa range for a week to see how much of an improvement it will make to my skin, as the cold(er) weather dawns! The lotion is enriched with vitamin A, E and minerals. It is easily absorbed and can be used day and night, leaving a healthy glow.  I got a […]

Vaseline Paint the Town Red Competition!


I don’t know about you, but it’s become a bit of a cult activity each year in the Candy household, where we try and guess the new Vaseline flavour (we need to get out more).    The newest flavour (launched on September the 5th) was Paint the Town (red), a red tinted balm with a slightly fruity smell. To celebrate the launch of Vaseline’s latest Limited Edition Flavour release ‘Paint the Town Red’, their team […]

The Vaseline Essential Moisture T-Day Update; Part 2!


I was set the T-Day challenge (that is the tights off day) by Vaseline (first post here) where I had to use the Essential Moisture lotion on my legs for 10 days to see if it improved their condition and make them summer weather ready! Well…the weekend I started this challenge there was sun…since then the weather has been up and down (this is England after all).  Nevertheless, I have been consistently using the Essential […]

The Vaseline Essential Moisture T-Day Challenge, Part 1!


Yesterday, I stepped outside and there was some strange orange orb in the sky radiating warmth….IS THAT THE SUN? Oh aye, it was the sun.  Here’s the thing – oop North, the sun doesn’t appear that often and even if it does, by the time you’ve run home to put a skirt on and rub in some sun cream, it’s started raining.  But with all things going well…we might have some sunshine for the upcoming […]

Vaseline Guess The Flavour Challenge!


I dont know how I’ve managed to find the time about to do this challenge, but I’ll tell you what spurred me on – the fact that I’ve been asking loads of people to sniff it and give me their ideas and none of us have the foggiest.  Sniff what?  Well… It’s only Vaseline’s New Limited Edition Lip Therapy Lip Balm! Last year’s flavour was Creme Brulee, remember? Here was the challenge.  The new lip […]

Compare and Contrast: Vaseline, Skin Lightening Creams, Facebook Apps and Shahid Kapur


Vaseline have launched a Facebook application for their range of skin lightening creams targeted at Indian ‘metrosexual’ men, which lightens half the face to show how much fairer they can look. This has of course caused much fuss: The vehicle Vaseline have used is wrong. To have something as trivial as a Facebook App to show you how much ‘better’ you look with ‘lighter skin’ reduces something that is quite serious and a big commitment […]

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