Bourjois Ombre Stretchhhhhhhhh

I couldn’t help but coo when I saw this funky eye make up for the new Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadows –

Stunning, no? Went to test them in real life and…….

Crapola. Seriously.

Yes it comes in a cute rectangular case. Yes the model looks stunning.

It comes with ‘nylon micropheres’, which surely belong in knickers, not eyeshadow.

But this stuff is just measly, plain old eyeshadow, and it is only medium pigmented. I would say the solo round bots are better than this crap – I swatched the all the colours – and you know how the black looks really true and bold on the model? Its more like a soft grey when applied. Urgh.

Tempted to buy one as it was on offer, but what for? The quality is not good, the packaging takes up space and the colours are easily dupable.

Conclusion: Crap. Avoid. Unless you like to buy random stuff.

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  1. Chica says

    Aww shucks, I really wanted these to be good as they look so awsome on the promo shots :(
    Ah well – if you like liptints – their rouge hi-tech are really nice, I was pleasantly suprised, the colour is really bright and stays on a fair while.
    I used to buy drugstore eyeshadow brands but since I’ve got into MAC, Chanel & UD I’ve realised just how pants the majority are – ESPECIALLY Maybelline, even their dark shadows don’t show up.
    Saying that there are a lot of high end brands that are equally pants but come with a higher price tag *cough Lancome Clinique cough*

  2. hannah says

    ..!! i tried this in a random drugstore in taiwan and it was really good. seriously it stretched so much my hand was covered in streaks. I guess everyone has their own opinion.

  3. Row says

    Chica – totally agree. Clinique is fairly lame on the eyeshadow front too and pricey. I still look at cheaper make up but normally a swatch is enough to make me move on – whats the point if theres no pigment in it.

    You might like the Bourjois. There was just nothing special about it to me, apart from the shape of the packaging. Being a long rectangle doesn’t actually make it stretchhhhh out.

  4. Row says

    Hi Hannah

    I’m glad you liked it – what do you mean it stretched so much you hand was streaky? The shape of the shadow (being long) seemed gimmicky to me and has no bearing on the application (my opinion).

  5. says

    The photos look so good! I don’t believe in everything in a photo add, though. But still how I wish I could achieve that kind of look.

  6. Chrissy says

    I also have tried this product hoping for the product to do what it said and was dissapointed.
    However this look can still be achieved with the eyeshadows you have at home.
    No they dont “stretch”, but if applied correctly can achieve the result in the ad.

    • Row says

      Hi Chrissy

      To be fair, the stretch look is just done via application as oppoed to the product itself :) if you struggle just ty using some surgical tape and use it as a stencil for a really striaght, long line