Review: Etude House Model Face Colour Powders

I bought three face powders from eBay a while ago from the Korean brand Etude House:

etude house model face-2.jpg

There are 6 powders in the range each with a different function.

1 – Highlighter (for use on the outer V around the eyes, t-zone etc. with a pearl finish)

2 – Model Shade (a matte bronze for contouring but also as a bronzer)

3. Walking Pink (pale pink blush or brightener)

4 – Style Pink (deeper pink blush)

5 – Trend Peach (warm pretty peach blush)

6 – Fashion Lavender (for brightening, counteracting sallowness)

I bought three of them for about £6 each inc. shipping:

etude house powder.jpg

They come in decent packaging – nothing madly exciting but fine. See swatches after the jump!Rather than go for blushers, I thought I’d go for three ‘functional’ powders – highlight, contour, brightener.

This is the lavender, which is actually pretty pink based in the flesh. At least you won’t end up looking like a grape, but even, I did actually think that I had been sent the wrong one because it seemed so pink.

This has a sheen to it but no shimmer, it errs on the matte side. Its a nice powder to apply to the face since it is neither too glittery nor too matte finish in the end.

etude house lavender face powder.jpg

Does it work? It preps, it brightens. Its ok.

Next is the highlighter. This has a far more pearly finish than the lilac powder and has a warm cream touch to it. Its nice – better than a start white finish for sure.

It is pearly though – apply with a little caution:

etude house highlight face powder.jpg

Like this – reminds me of Nars Albatross but less flashy.

Finally I got the contour shade. Now this is a completely matte finish powder which is good if you are contouring I think. The shade is every so slightly warm bordering on…dare I say it….orangina. Cooler toned and this would have been a dream powder.

etude house bronze contour face powder.jpg

This is nice but once again – light hand application is necessary. Also, it could work as a bronze/gina-esque type blush (Nars Gina) but I wish it was less orange.


etude house model face-1.jpg

I don’t regret buying these face powders, although its just more effort in the morning isn’t it? My favourite product is the highlighter, is very pretty and not at all garish….

Etude House? Ever tried the brand?

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  1. says

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been thinking of buying of some Etude House stuffs (like the eyelid primer & eyeshadow quads) but I’m not sure if they are any good >.<

    • Row says

      Hi Mary

      I dont think that much of the Etude Eyeshadows but I do like a lot of the other products like the primer and things 😀

  2. says

    Oh thanks! Good to know the primer is worth the money! Now I can save some bucks and buy this instead of UDPP which would set me back with 25-30 bucks.