Review: NYX Doll Eye Mascara Waterproof Extreme Black

Someone recommended the NYX Doll Eye Mascara to me, so I decided to pick it up for £5 from eBay (seller Mssskel). I generally like NYX a lot – the shadows, liners, jumbo pencils, lipsticks are all excellent.

I got the Doll Eye mascara in the waterproof version as these tend to be better for holding curl, in extreme black:

nyx doll eye mascara.jpg

The case is pretty standard stuff – a black long tube:

nyx doll eye mascara waterproof.jpg

Want to see the results! See after the jump!The brush is interesting with a narrow middle and thick at the ends – there’s a Lancome one like this – hypnose? Off the top of my head that is! (so I could be wrong).

Nothing wrong with the brush – found it pretty easy to use:

nyx doll eye mascara-1.jpg

The mascara didn’t feel very fibery and was non irritating to my eyes. In terms of being waterproof, I didn’t noticing any smudging although, I didn’t exactly go deep sea diving either.

One coat:

nyx doll eye.jpg

Separation is excellent as you can see. Lashes are very black, long, stylish. However they began to flop:

nyx doll eye lash mascara.jpg

Two coats and I had lash dysfunction – flop flop flop. It made a difference in terms of length and thickness, but without curl ability, its just like 90% of the other mascaras I end up buying.

Its a nice mascara and I think this will work very well for a lot of women but you know, with me, once I get the flops, I lose interest.


nyx doll eyes mascara ingredients.jpg

Do you like Doll Eye Mascara?

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  1. Li says

    I do, I have this and I often ear a blend f their lavender/lilac and dark blue mascaras, looks fab with hazel eyes without looking wacky : )