Haul: MAC DSquared and Style Black Collections

I did a haul at MAC about 3 weeks ago but have only just got round to editing the photographs. There was so much kerfuffle over the Style Black collection I had to buy a few bits to try it out.

mac-dsquared2-collection.jpg (JPEG Image, 496x480 pixels).jpg

Overall? I don’t find MAC particularly inspiring most of the time, but they definitely have some great basics and the is a generally consistent quality there:

mac style black dsquared.jpg

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I bought the Lip Erase from the Dsquared collection. The product is part of the Pro collection normally where it comes in a few colour choices. The one you get with Dsquared in NC37 (Dim – I think):

mac lip erase.jpg

I tons of lip concealers which I never use but I’m a sucker for a gimmick. Concealer, foundation, pale matte lipstick are all alternatives to a lip concealer – nevertheless its a fun little product. Its also more moisturising than just using a foundation or concealer on the lips.

My favourite neutral lipliner is Sublime Culture:

cremesheen lipliner sublime culture.jpg

The fact that I don’t have to sharpen it will mean that I am 99% more likely to use it too.


mac lip liner lip erase.jpg

From Style Black I picked up the Feline Kohl Pencil because its a true, dark black. No disappointment here, just a really black, nice pencil:

feline mac eyeliner pencil.jpg

Then the greasepaint sticks everyone has been talking about. I bought all three. All three colours come in the Dsquared2 collection although the black was also repromoted in Style Black:

Dsquared mac .jpg

Lovely to use, creamy, soft. It does crease and run a bit on me, as I have watery eyes. Still love them though, much better than the old Shadesticks:

mac greasepaint black b v .jpg

I was very restrained and only bought 2 of the Style Black shadows- Gilt By Association and Blue Flame. They remind me a lot of the stunning Too Faced Metor Shadows. The Mac ones are more bitty with bigger chunks of glitter, Too Faced is really smooth and buttery. Depends what you like really:

mac mineralize eyeshadows style black gilt by association and blue flame.jpg

Pretty, very pretty:

mac eyeshadow gilt by assocaiation blue flame.jpg

A-ha! I got a shape ands sculpt powder and it was damaged on arrival! How annoying! They didn’t pack it properly, they put the powder on top of the paper rather than in it.

As a result I had to call MAC but in fairness to them, they arranged a new one for me right away. The irritating thing is I had it delivered to my flat as I knew I would there for a particular day and they can only send replacement orders to the same address via the same shipping method…annoying. No one in to sign for the new one:

dsquared sculpt shape powder.jpg

Finally I got 2 lipsticks. Mac Angel which I had wanted for a while:

mac angel lipstick.jpg

From Dsquared2, Nude Rose:

mac naked rose dsquared-1.jpg


mac naked rose angel lipstick.jpg

Angel is a frost lipstick and nicer than I thought. I don’t like lipsticks that are too creamy and light on warm-medium skin tones like mine but this was just very nice. Naked rose is a bit warmer than angel, as a peachy base but is very sheer when applied. Just a hint of colour so is an easy wearable shade.

So there you go – thought I’d post these images anyway incase anyone is thinking of making a purchase from these collections.

Like MAC? Give me some recommendations!

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