Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge Lipstick Haul & Review, Shades: BE2 & RS1

Along with the Dramatic Memory Rouge colours I also purchased two lipsticks called Star Glow Rouge from Lavshuca!

I love to try out their new formula lipsticks!

Star Glow Rouge comes in 12 colours and is supposed to be like a gloss and a lipstick rolled into one with a nice shine and ‘brilliant’ finish.

I love these kinds of lipstick swatches and lots of Japanese brands do them – how amazing?:


I chose RS1 and BE2. I am quite open minded when choosing lipstick shades, I tend to go for Rose (RS), Pinks (PK), Red as long as it’s a very pale toned red (RD) and Beige (BE) sometimes.

I love peaches but have yet to see a Japanese lipstick that has a PC suffix!

Here are the lipsticks:


The packaging is lovely – it really does look more expensive than it is with the small detailing like the triangle pattern around the middle of the lipstick and the grooves at the top:


There’s also a gem at the top of each lipstick:


Here are the lipsticks – as always these are a really nice soft texture- like lip balms but they are so so so sheer and lack that beautiful water like finish at the end. They’re just a bit…dull.

And they don’t wear well at all – I wore this then had a few sups of coffee and it was gone. No stain, no gloss, nothing.

There’s a faint shimmer:


You can see from the swatches how sheer the colours are. Nothing special really:



Big fat meh for these. I think there are better products from the Lavshuca lip collection depending on what you want; gloss, pigmentation, matte finish etc. this particular one is just quite bland.

I bought these from

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  1. Jen says

    How disappointing that they swatch like the most sheer lip tints ever, the packaging promises so much! How many layers would you have to put on to achieve the colours on the lipstick colour chart?!

  2. says

    Thank you for this review! I’ve been wanting to try these lippies and had a couple of lined in my cart ready to go. Think I’ll pass!! Shame as they looked so promising!

    Have you come across any Lavshuca lippies that have more pigment and perhaps a slightly matte finish?
    Thank you!