Lips of the Day: Lavshuca Jewelry Lip WN-1 Wine

There are many things Lavshuca do well, but lip products isn’t really one of them (I think).

Nevertheless, I decided to order one of their mini Jewelry Lipsticks in WN-1, a wine shade (There are two versions of this lipstick, Sheer in a pink tube – rubbish, Color in a purple tube – better and pigmented).

These lipsticks are DINKY. TINY. The lipstick is SMALL and feels a bit unstable which is annoying:


I guess another reason why I ordered this is because I wanted to see how pigmented Lavshuca and Japanese lipsticks can get! The emphasis is usually on sheer, sparkly, pretty, watery lip shades.

On my lips:#alttext#

Ooh yes! I don’t even like wine or berry colours but I think this is nice, and the texture is not too creamy, not too sheer.

I like is so much I am going to order a beige and rose lipstick (deeper toned ones) in this formula! Lavshuca have so many lipsticks and glosses out these days it’s really hard to know which does what but at least I know these ones are pretty good!

Do you like wine and berry lip colours?

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  1. says

    Wine and berry tones are my favorites for lip products, as I came to realize after organizing my collection … vampy colors seem to be my faves!

  2. says

    Oh I love this shade! I do berry shades although wine shades tend to be a bit too dark for me. You now have me eyeing Lavshuca lippies. Sigh…

  3. Julia says

    This doesn’t look like wine to me. But I love berry shades and have a RS shade of this. Personally, I like Lavshuca’s lipsticks, especially the moist melting rouge. RD-4 is so great!

    • Row says

      It’s under the wine category ‘wn’ it does remind me of the colour of red wine! I’m glad it’s not to dark. Lav lipsticks aren’t my favourite but better than Kate though :)

  4. JenT says

    This shade of berry looks really good on you! I always tend to shy away from bolder colours like this, but I think I could possibly go out in public not feeling too self-concious with this shade! I think it’s because it’s got a sheer quality to it, so doesn’t seem as bold as some other lippies can be! I’ve never seen a Japanese lippie this bold before (probably because I have tunnel-vision for pinks, peaches and nudes lol)