Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge: Hot Scrub, Peel Off Mask & Magic Patch Review!

I have to say, since I’ve been using Skinceuticals (more on them later) I’ve been getting less and less blackheads..but even so, they are one of my skin issues.

I get a lot of blackheads on the nose especially and take time every two weeks to extract an get those nasty little things out out out. Maintenance is the key.

A lot of Asian brands offer blackhead products – there’s a lot to choose from and as I am quite impatient many I feel, haven’t been ‘all that’. I don’t want them half out, I want all of them OUT. (I have to get round to reviewing Dr Jart, Etude House, Face Shop and BRTC blackhead products I bought months ago! I just don’t have the time at the moment).

Since Holika Holika is one of my favourite brands based on cuteness alone I purchased 3 products from their Blackhead sponge range:


I bought the Magic Patch, a set of circular dampened cloths you apply to your nose, a peel off mask and a hot scrub.Presumably you can use these together for a really deep cleanse! I’d suggest the hot scrub, the magic patch then the mask.


The peel of mask, I think, contains charcoal and it’s a dark colour – you leave it on for about 15 minutes and it dries and just peel. Quite a good mask, especially if you open your pores first (such has having a shower) and it does cling to the blackhead quite well.

The hot scrub heats up a bit, and is just a good deep cleanser. It won’t remove blackheads but I noticed it sucks up any oiliness and is great used before the mask OR the patches:


Both of the products are worth trying. Like I said before many many many Asian brands do their own blackhead scrubs and masks so this is just another option to try and it’s not too expensive.

The Magic Patch is slightly different to what other brands offer and reminds me of my beloved (but discontinued) Silara blackhead remover (I can’t believe I used to title my blog posts “D’oh”).

You use the tweezers to get the patch out which is just a thin cloth pre-soaked in some kind of acidic solution:


Like Silara it works pretty damn well! Leave this on your nose for about 10 minutes and the blackheads start to wriggle to the surface. When you remove the patch you can see them quite clearly and you can squeeze them out (they don’t in my opinion, come out 100% so you need to use a bit of gentle force).

This is not as effective as Silara, which really brought the blackheads to the surface but this one is gentler overall and doesn’t make your nose peel so that’s an advantage:


Just remember to replace the plastic seal lid otherwise it will dry out.


Very nice little blackhead range here better than many others I have tried. Good for maintaining blackhead free skin anyway!

I bought this from eBay from seller Rubyruby about £8-£9 per item.

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