Doing the Prom Make Up: The result!

A few days ago I mentioned that I had been forced to do my cousin’s prom make up – so in the end she had her hair done at a hairdressers called Adrian Wilde.

It took about 10 minutes but cost a fortune and personally I felt the finish could’ve been smoother, and her hair was almost grey from the sheer amount of hairspray used. Surely grips, not an entire 500ml can of hairspray is not the answer?! Anyway, she was happy so that’s the most important thing.

Her dress is purple so I decided on lavender for her eyes, a nude gloss, pink cheeks and foundation to smooth out her skin.


Faye wong before

Faye is 16. She used to suffer from serious eczema so I felt that my first job was to even out her skin.

Her hair after the hairdressers…

Adrian Wilde Hair Style 1

I had to smooth it out with some product and add more pins because it just didn’t feel secure. If you can’t whip your hair back and forth – it ain’t gonna last all night.

I am not a make up artist nor do I proclaim to be.  We did lilac on the eyes with some sparkle cos she’s a teenager:

Faye wong prom make up

Ok she looks naked here.

Off the top of my head, the main products used were:

Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation in Bronze – mainly because Faye is a fair bit darker than me and I was sent this as a press sample a while ago and it was far too dark – luckily it came into use here.

YSL Creme De Blush in Fuchsia Temptation Blusher

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow in Petal Pusher – using the left side of the palette.

Boots No. 17 lip gloss – in some generic sheer peach-pink shade.

Her skin is very dry so I didn’t use any powder. I also kept using a Etude House Mist Fixer when I was applying the base – this worked SO well, especially as Bio Detox dries super fast, I could redampen it and blend.

It was really quite simple. With the dress:

Prom dress purple

One of the best places to go for a dress adjustment is Asian dress shops.  Faye’s dress needed to be taken in at the back, and high street stores wanted £40-£50 to do it. At the Asian dress store, they did it for £20 and in barely any time at all – that’s skill!

I’ll have to ask madam if her make up lasted all night when I see her – so far I haven’t even had a THANK YOU for being her make up artist-hair fixer-taxi driver-chapeone (moan moan moan).

I wonder if I would’ve enjoyed a prom (no such thing existed when I was her age!).  Did you have a prom? What did you wear?


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  1. says

    She looks very pretty!
    I didn’t have a prom either, I’m from Belgium and when I went to school (years ago! 😀 Lol) they din’t have proms here either. I did have 1 schoolparty though… 😀

  2. says

    I love it! She looks great and the makeup is fun and colorful but very age-appropriate.

    I had fun at prom but I spent too much time worrying about accessories and stupid stuff, so could have had more fun.

  3. says

    Well done she looks beautiful! I have excema too and its so difficult to even out my skin, so well done for what you’ve achieved!!! Very admirable! x

  4. Baba says

    WOW –she is such a beauty!! And, she looks happy.

    I hope she had a wonderful evening.

  5. says

    You did an awesome job and the foundation matched her perfectly! I always have problems matching my foundation since I have eczema too, always too light or too red when I compare to my neck after!

    Which Etude House Mist Fixer did you use? I’m currently using Urban Decay’s “dew me” but thought it works just okay. :)


  6. Giselle says

    She looks great…Pretty and fresh-faced! I think its great that proms are spreading to other countries. It’s their night to get all dressed up and celebrate and its a great memory. My friend spilled her drink all over the front of my prom dress so I had to stay sitting the whole time :(

  7. Emilyjane says

    Faye looks beautiful. i hope she had a good time at her prom, we never had such things, I think we just went to the pub on our last day of school.

    I hope that hairdresser read this post, and no offence meant to Faye, but if I were you I’d have marched her straight back in there and asked what they thought they were doing sending a hairstyle out like that. She’s probably very glad you didn’t though. (how shaming would that have been???! )

  8. says

    Great job! Her skin looks really lovely and glowing, and I think the lavender works so well! I shall have to check out that foundation.

  9. Nadia says

    She looks amazing: simple, natural and marvellous, perfect for a prom.
    Great work.

  10. says

    Faye looks gorgeous! You did a good job on the makeup :) Although yeah, I agree about the hair, hairspray should never be that apparent, at least it looks like you were able to make it work!

    My prom was pretty fun…I did my own hair and makeup, and my dress was plummy rose+black. Plus we all chipped in for the limo, so it only came out to about $30 per person.

  11. Jen says

    Awwww she looks so happy in the after pictures :) I looked awful in my 6th form ball pics, I didn’t have a clue about makeup back then, and I didn’t have a nice older cousin like yourself to show me the way lol