B&C Labs Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste Review


The B&C Labs Tsururi range focuses on blackhead and pore care.  They have some brilliant products like the Charcoal Soap (which I will do a tutorial on at some point) and a blackhead cleanser (which I sell on Cosmetic Candy Shop!). I purchased one of their newest releases, Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste. This product promises to clear the pores, remove dirt and leave you with bright skin.  The paste, scrub, face wash […]

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Face Scrub with Shea Butter Review


I don’t know much about L’Occitane but I know what when I go into their lush store I want to say, ‘half a block of cheese, please’ because that’s what it reminds me of – a French deli. Since I have dry skin I am the ultimate candidate for their new Ultra Rich range, a selection of scrubs for the face, body and hands which contain Shea Butter and exfoliate whilst moisturising as well. Observe: […]

MONU Micro Exfoliant Dual Action Microdemabrasion Face Scrub Review!


I have been converted to the importance of exfoliating, my dears, so have been testing loads of different face scrubs to find the best one for me! Although I prefer a product which is quite grainy, in reality my sensitive skin needs something gentle with a fine grain. Monu Micro Exfoliant is a rather lovely product: They say: Dual-action microdermabrasion. This powerful treatment delivers instantly radiant skin. Refines skin texture and reduces the appearance of […]

Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge: Hot Scrub, Peel Off Mask & Magic Patch Review!


I have to say, since I’ve been using Skinceuticals (more on them later) I’ve been getting less and less blackheads..but even so, they are one of my skin issues. I get a lot of blackheads on the nose especially and take time every two weeks to extract an get those nasty little things out out out. Maintenance is the key. A lot of Asian brands offer blackhead products – there’s a lot to choose from […]

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel Review


So I’ve been testing a lot of Soap & Glory products lately and so far, so good although I’ve become so addicted to masks and scrubs I’ve had to calm down a bit because I am looking a little….red. Ahem. Still, I just had to give the Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel a spin. This peel has a Poreshrink (TM!) Complex – which is supposed to give visibly smaller pores […]

Clogged Pores? Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Review


The older I get, the more pore trouble I get – whilst I get clogged pores I also have to be careful with that I use on my skin. Anything to drying or harsh and its rash-a-go-go! So, I approached No Clogs Allowed by Soap & Glory with trepidation. This Deep Pore Detox Mask (which feels a bit scrubby to me too) is a self heating face mask. I do NOT have a good history […]

5 of my Favourite Face Scrubs!


Good skin runs in my family – not saying we have perfect skin, but good skin as in resilient, smooth, pretty much wrinkle-less and soft. I was checking out the skin of my aunt, who is turning 40 this year and has a young 18 month toddler – she doesn’t have ANY crows feet at all (dark circles, yes!). Even my Nana who is 75 has the same amount of crows feet I see on […]

Niu Er Skincology Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant Face Scrub Review


Skincology is a sub brand under the Niu Er Family (they make skincare and make up!). The range is VAST. I have paid special attention to the Skincology range because I’ve found the lip balm and hydrating cream really effective. I got my hands on this Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant Face Scrub because I am obsessed with scrubs and masks at the moment. Here it is! This scrub is basically a rice based powder with […]

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