Mid Week Giveaway! Six Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Extreme Gloss Sprays!

Got a mid week treat for ya ladies…

Six full size (300ml) of these Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Sprays to win.

Winners of the Ped Eggs will be announced Tomorrow.

The Prize:

silhouette spray.jpg

Want to win it?

Answer This:

Teach me to say something, anything, thats not in English. Phonetically.

(Have to dash out so…yeah, an inspired question).


Hey, watch it Fay Poor!

Fay Poor: Fat Woman

Language: Cantonese

Usage: Usually in McDonalds or Primark

Leave a comment and you will be entered!


Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: RT to Win one of 6 Shine Sprays. For info go to – http://tinyurl.com/ygo2rbs

You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Winner announced NEXT WEEK!

Note: I believe we are not allowed to send Aerosols abroad so whilst you can enter as an International Person and request the item be sent to a UK address to a friend, relative, your adopted dog, I can’t send it to a International address. Comprende?

Good Luck!

You can buy the spray at Beauty Bay.

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  1. says

    Hahahah I love this mini competition question!!

    Ok.. let’s go with french, but you may know this one already:

    “The weather today is proper *MERDE!*” {mehr-de/ merd}
    MERDE: Sh*t (literally)
    Language: French
    Usage: When the weather is pants. PANTS!

  2. Laura Hadland says

    No soy el dueño de este burro, lo rente.
    Useful in Spain and across the Spanish speaking world, particularly Mexico.

    No soy el doo-en-yo de es-tay burr(roll your r)-oh, low rent-ay.

    I do not own this donkey, it is a rental.

  3. Joanne B says


    English: ” I’m a little teapot….”

    German: “Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne….”

    Useage – usually after a few cheeky glasses of vino collapso ;p

  4. Elizabeth says

    “Aeiigghh wood ya howlt your whisht n bate that inta ye, ye wee boy ye so it is”

    Translation: “Would you be quiet and eat up your dinner “..

    Language: Northern Irish….

    Usage: To any child at any mealtime. ‘So it is’ as a necessary suffix to any sentence.


  5. says

    Ok.. Ive chosen to teach you some Dutch. Love Dutch people..they are soooooo funny! They have a wicked sense of humour, well the ones Ive met do anyway ha.

    “Gelieve te gaan me in uw giveaway Misser Candy in, of anders is M. Candy een gonner!”

    Should translate to:

    “Please enter me into your giveaway Miss Candy, or else Mr Candy is a gonner!”

    Usage: Politely threatening Miss Candy, or her beloved man gets it! 😀



  6. says

    “Mmm grumble grumble grunt cough, side glance, mmm burp mmmhmmm” {mmm grumble grumble grunt cough *insert side glance* mmm burrrrrrrp mmmhmmm}

    Translating to ‘Luv, will you shut up talking to me while the match is on/I couldn’t care less about your new purchase/No, I’m not coming to visit your parents/I’m not going to comment on how fat you look in that dress’

    Usage: Widely used urban slang on evenings, weekends, special occasions, days of the week ending in ‘day’

    Language: Definitely not English!!


    Here is something in welsh from our buddy taff, who is from wales.
    Now weather he is saying rude words or not, I’m not too sure, as he
    is a real wind up merchant. This is the response we got off him in welsh!

    Alli arhosa yn ceisio ‘m hurtyn bynciau blwc fi m yn ceisio at bugeila briga gêr Bloddy benyw!

    In english, Can you stop asking me stupid question’s while i’m trying to watch top gear.
    Bloody woman! Nice…

  8. Ali kennedy says

    english ‘Why isn’t phonetic spelled the way it sounds?’

    russian- ?????? ??? ?? ???????? ?? ????? ???????????? ???????? ??? ??????

    now lets here you pronounce this lol

  9. Ali kennedy says

    ah it didnt copy n paste, will try another lol

    english ‘Why isn’t phonetic spelled the way it sounds?’

    filipino – Bakit hindi ponetika nabaybay ang paraan na ito tunog

  10. says

    Tweeted! beeterswit.

    Language: Cantonese
    jer jer = penis
    Usage: It’s mainly used by adults to describe little boys’ dick.. so it shouldn’t be offensive LOL. I know.. a bit weird that I picked this but I’m always so amused how this word sounds. So if you wanna say his penis is small, you say “Keu ge jer jer ho sai ah!”


  11. Georgina Ball says

    English: I’ve lost my poodle, he has black, curly hair!

    German: Ich habe meine pudel verloren, er hast schwarz, curlig haare!

    Pheonetically: Ick har-ber my-ner poo-del v-loor-ren, err ha-ast ska-wha-zzz, cur-lig haaar.

    Ah, German GCSE speaking test from over 5 years ago has all come flooding back.

  12. says

    When I was in boarding school, me and my girl friends had amazing time,we used to laugh and joke a lot. And if we used to say “haath sut ashraf” its equals to “high five” but ashraf is a pakistani name.. We have no idea how we came up with this phrase.
    And my mom usually saya”phauot” its a saraiki work for “what the hell”
    And I ca my bro “oye motto” its an urdu word for”hey fatty”.
    There are so many phrase and words :)
    I tel my mom “ammie bass vi karo” tats is “mooooommm!!! Stop it” when she is bargaining and embarrassing me in front of shopkeepers ,
    I’m not entering for prize as I’m international Just wanted to share few fun things:)

  13. Ruby says

    Ni xi huan kan huang si dian ying ma?
    English: Do you like to watch porn???
    Language: Mandarin
    Usuage: Conversations with guys, close friends, strangers, anyone who is willing to answer…lol

  14. Katherine says

    Oh this is a fun one!

    Ai-ya!!!! (Chinese for a lot of things: D’oh! Darn! OMG! Frustrations … when in doubt, use it!)

    Pieni poika (pronounced exactly as it sounds. It has absolutely no usefulness in everyday life … other than the fact that it was my friend’s code word for a hot guy when we were students in Finland)

    Katherine (@katherinechu)

  15. Lora says

    ach awa an’ bile yer heid!

    Charming Scottish expression expressing exasperation with someone, literally translated as ‘go away and boil your head’

    cathartic and menacing at the same time! 😀

  16. says

    Oh I remembered another one” while having a lame conversation wen I get bored instead of whole sentence I jus tel highlights of whatever I’m saying and finish it “tay falana faluna” means “this and that” it irritates my friends

    And when you are walking/driving and someone comes in front of you and not moving on side or fast we say in saraiki(saraiki is pakistan’s regional lang ) ” mua paray haat”means ” moron have a side ” lolx

  17. says

    English: Her shoes are ugly!
    Tagalog: Pangit naman ang zapatos niya!
    Phonetically: pang-it na-man ang za-pa-tos ni-ya!

    RAHAHA! that’s all I could think of for now. I once was at a mall and some filipino ladies whispered this to each other while I was standing next to them in the bathroom. Little did they know that I knew what they were saying. SO in English I said “I think they are beautiful compared to your cheap walmart shoes!” THEY WERE DUMBFOUNDED!

  18. lullaby says

    pu ying ya yud sauy

    language : thai
    meaning : woman, don’t stop being beautiful
    usage : a very good excuse to buy new cosmetics

  19. kay wilkinson says

    ‘J voodrai un sandwich jam bon’ – I think that means ‘Can I have a ham sandwich in french’ although it’s many years since I was at school! I always thought it sounded like can I have a jam sandwich, but that would have been far too logical!

    The other one is ‘Shyserkopf’ which is erm…sh*thead in german. That’s about all I can remember from 2 years studying the subject at GSCE (blushes)

  20. Nicky Russell says

    Have a go at “je suis belle” …. je swii bell (It’s french for I am beautiful) :)

  21. Suzanne says

    Es tut mir wirklich sehr leid
    pronounced es toot meer veerk lick zayr lite
    which is German for I’m very sorry, Officer
    Usage – whenever you’re bad in Germany

  22. Caroline says

    ogenki desu ka
    How you doing?

    yay for japanese A level :D. I always say this to my friend the way joey say’s it on friend’s.
    ???? – Ch-(y)ot-to – Wait!
    I always say this ><

  23. mayrei says

    How about a bad word?


    Language: German

    It means something along the lines of “bitch” or “slut”. The German-speaking person that taught it to me said to never call a woman that unless you want to get punched.

    Pronounced: vibe-schtook? Pretend you’re an angry German when you say it and it’ll come out ok.

    Usage: Get out of my way, Weibstück.