Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel Review

So I’ve been testing a lot of Soap & Glory products lately and so far, so good although I’ve become so addicted to masks and scrubs I’ve had to calm down a bit because I am looking a little….red.


Still, I just had to give the Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel a spin.

Soap & Glory Skincare Pore Mask Cleanser Face Wash.jpg

This peel has a Poreshrink (TM!) Complex – which is supposed to give visibly smaller pores especially good for those with oily skins.

First of all – I love the packaging, its cute as always.

Secondly, I do always worry about products that are supposed to shrink the pores (temporarily I might add) because of my sensitive skin. It seems like a great idea until I have red and ruddy patches everywhere.

Soap & Glory the fab pore the facial Peel.jpg

How to use:

Rub a grape-sized dollop into your face and massage until all the green beads have dissolved. (Those with a high tendency for clogging should concentrate on their t-zone, chin or areas with large, open, or problem pores). Leave on for 5 minutes for a quick refresher, or 15 minutes.

The product itself has that signature Soap & Glory fruity but fresh smell…

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Face Cleaneser Scrub Mask.jpg

Its like a thick mousse cream infused with blue micro beads (I’ve noticed this in a few of their products) and when pressed against the skin they burst.

Can I just say, that I really really like this product!

I have also tried the No Clogs Allowed and Fab Pore Cleanser – all good but this Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel is my favourite.

Why? Because its just really comfortable to use even on delicate skin.

I rubbed it onto my t-zone and left for 15 minutes and it worked a treat with deep cleansing, leaving my pores looking more refined and no hint of an allergic reaction – nor did it feel harsh or abrasive.

Soap & Glory the fab pore face cleanser Mask Scrub.jpg

This is £6 from Boots and other retailers.


Soap & Glory The Pore Refiner 15 Minute.jpg

I would totally recommend this for people concerned about oily skin or enlarged pores. Its the most effective product in the Soap & Glory range for pores, I think!

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  1. says

    I’m very curious about a lot of soap & glory products! They package are so cute, and promisses for our skin very nice.

  2. liloo says
    ok, i’ve read a few soaps&glory reviews lately and I think I’ve finally found out why I’ve NEVER actually walked into the alley where they are stored in boots and actually grabbed a bottle. I think because, even though the packaging is uber cute, the message on it reminds me of ‘old miracle potions’ ads like they used to do 20 years ago and it never speaks to me. I must go over that and try.
    You tried a pore minimising apple japanesy product in the past. how would you say it compare it to? (sorry my english is crappola today)

  3. says

    I love all Soap and Glory products I’ve tried so far, and this is actually one of my favorites, absolutely love it!