Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quads in Smokey Dokey and What’s Nude Swatches and Review


Soap & Glory recently launched a rather comprehensive range of colour cosmetics and that included 2 eyeshadow quads called ‘Lid Stuff’. There are 3 variations, I have 2 of them here, Smokey Dokey and What’s Nude: Smokey Dokey has four colours in deep smokey shades, Diamondust, Chine, Black Gold and Smokin’ What’s Nude contains Vanilla, Pink T, Mudhoney, Aubersheen.

Soap & Glory launch a Colour Cosmetics Range! Product Images


Soap & Glory, the brand who have made much loved body care products are launching a full colour cosmetics range! I am a Sopa & Glory fan and their make up looks very cute indeed.  Some of the products already exist, so it’s the foundation/base product, lipstick and eyeshadows that are the most exciting! The products launched in selected Boots stores on the 5th of October. Here’s a overview of the new releases: Kick Ass […]

Soap & Glory Pink Big Half Price At Boots!


There is somewhere you need to be right now and that is BOOTS! Oh yes – this is usually the only half price Boots offer I tend to indulge in (although they’ve had some nifty offers in the run up to Christmas) – it’s the Soap & Glory PINK BIG Set. Last year it was The Hat Box! In the set is: Clean on Me: Clean On Me™ is an award winning creamy clarifying shower […]

Day 10 Christmas Giveaway: Win a Soap & Glory Double Glammy Set


To celebrate the festive month, Cosmetic Candy will be giving away a goody a day up until December the 25th! To keep things interesting, I am giving away all kinds of goodies, not just beauty! You can enter all the giveaways and winners will be chosen in the first week of January. Use the Christmas Giveaways Tag to see all the contests. All contests are open internationally and you can enter using the comments or […]

Soap & Glory; Face, Soap and Clarity 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash Review


One of Soap & Glory’s newer cleansers is Face, Soap and Clarity, sold as a 3 in 1 daily facial wash. This fruity smelling facial wash foams, cleans, exfoliates all in one go! I am sort of into facial washes at the moment, because they leave skin feeling so clean (I am trying to battle blocked pores at the moment, although I also have to deal with dry skin and sensitivity…d’oh!). For me the most […]

Soap & Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes™ Illuminating Under-Eye Serum Review


I am quite accustomed to the panda eye these days…lack of sleep and too much coffee = dark circles, red eyes, zzzzzzz…… Soap & Glory’s You Won’t Believe Your Eyes is right up my street – this handy tube contains an illuminating serum for the under eye area. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and contains cucumber juice for cooling and skin tightening agents for deal with wrinkles. So it’s kinda skincare, it’s kinda […]

3 in 1: Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Lipcare & Plumping Kit Review


Soap & Glory seem to have a lot of good ideas, and I was sent this rather cute Might Mouth Kit to try out a few months back. Inside the cardboard box, lies a dual ended lip scrub and balm product and a plumping lip gloss: They say: Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Lipcare & Plumping kit provides 3 Steps to gorgeous lips kit contains a Smooth & Soften double ended Lip Stick and Super […]

Time to Glow! Soap & Glory Solar Power Bronzing Powder Review


Its bronzer season girls and I’ve had so many bronzers land on my door, some orangina hell, some gorgeous (will do a Top 5 Video – yes VIDEO! soon). Soap & Glory’s Solar Poweder is a two sided bronzer that comes in a solid cardboard case. Its bulky to me, but its well made and solid. They say: Mix-and-match multi-shade bronzer for beautifully luminous skin. FREE brush and Mirror included! Sweep the brush lightly over […]

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