Soap & Glory Dr Spot Invisible Spot Fighting Gel Review

Soap & Glory have been impressing me lately – the range is pretty vast these days consisting of skincare and cosmetics.

As spots have been appearing all over my face recently (I think its my phone – you ever get that? Zits where you hold your phone against your face? Ewww!) I have needed to take decisive action!

No, not cut down on Chocolate. Find a great spot treatment! Enter Dr Spot from Soap & Glory!

Soap & Glory Dr Spot Invisible spot fighting gel.jpg

Now I love Mario Badescu Drying Lotion but there’s no doubt about it – it leaves you looking like a freak if you forget to wash it off. Its also no good for using in the day or under make up.

So I need a less messy solution.

Dr Spot contains Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel and Vitamins A, C, E, and B3 for exfoliating and skin conditioning. You can use this day and night and its basically just a clear gel which sinks in quickly.

Soap & Glory Dr Spot Fights Stubborn Spot.jpg

It comes in a cute little pump bottle – it reminds me a little of the Clinique Blemish Gel (also a good product) but without too much odour and without searing pain when applied to a recently squeezed spot.

The gel is invisible once its been dealt with:

Soap & Glory Dr Spot Gel Acne Treatment.jpg

They say:

Out damned spot: Drop a daub of Dr Spot™ on whenever and wherever, to help calm and soothe your spots. Just what the doctor ordered! (Don’t go through P.M.T without it!)

I have to say if I don’t take my make up off (yes I still do that sometimes) the next day its spot city. Urgh.

The ingredients:

Soap & Glory Dr Spot Gel Treatment.jpg


This works no doubt. I like it because its quick to use, invisible, causes just a slight tingle and dries up spots without fuss.

And at £7 its also quite affordable. If there was one downside, its that the pump bottle can be hard to control so you may end up with more product than you like.

Oh, its actually on special offer at Boots at the moment for £6.50.

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