Reader Questions: The Quest for Sticky Clear Lipgloss

Whilst I was in the queue for the drive thru at KFC, I got an email from reader Alix, who asked,

“Found the post of last year regarding the dearth of clear, non-scented, non-plumping, STICKY glosses (MAC changed the Lipglass formula, not sticky now…).

If you ever find one, please shout it from the rooftops, won’t you?”

lip gloss.jpg

Well Alix, I remember clearly how I was trying to find a clear gloss that I could use to stick glitter to my eyes. It does work very well (a little too well!) but finding a clear gloss without plumping ingredients or scent that WAS sticky left me raiding all the high street make up counters.

I did find one after a little while – It was from a UK Drugstore level brand called Miss Sporty.

Costing £2.99 it was just a plain lip gloss (Hollywood lip gloss) – it had a pink lid (it now seems to have a black lid), was sticky and was scentless!

I still have it…somewhere.

The other alternative I have now is the Barry M Fixing Gel. You can get it in these sets, and as they are made for fixing glitter, they don’t have any scent.

They are a little less sticker than my lip gloss alternative however, this means its a bit easier to remove the make up later on.

(Review here)

If you are in the US and thinking – What?! I can’t get these brands? I’d really suggest looking at the cheaper drugstore brands. They seem to have more products with less fancy ingredients in (the plumpers and scents).

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  1. says

    I’ve never used it myself but I’ve read about Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, it’s supposed to be excellent for fixing glitter.