Fruity Fragrance: Majolica Majorca Majoromantica Perfume Review

Release last year as part of their Winter collection, I ignored Majolica Majorca’s Majoromantica Perfume until now because:

a. I couldn’t find it anywhere (it’s Limited Edition)

b. It has a stupid name.

I caved and found a few good sellers on eBay and lo and behold, here is my pretty Majoromantica!


To be honest whilst I like MJ I have more misses than hits with this brand, I think KATE and Lavshuca is stronger on a product to product basis (did I just say product to product basis?!).

Thus, I felt this perfume would be a gimmick, but hey, I was willing to give it a try…
It comes in this fairly bulky glass bottle. It’s cute right!? It looks like syrup. It’s somewhere between cute and sexual. So many conflicting messages:


Although it looks big (imagine a very chunky pencil) its only 20ml BUT you do get a lot in it. The bottle is heavy weight, not some cheap plastic crap and thus, I am worried about carrying it around because my bag is already back breakingly heavy and this might break.

The smell is…(or scent?!) – well I’m no good at scents but this is overwhelmingly fruity. Like rich rich berries, then that fades and it becomes quite floral. Certainly on my wrist the overwhelming scent that lingers is more floral than fruity.

I love the long applicator – you need just a dab, you don’t need as much as the whole stick rubbed on your wrist:



I really like this! It lingers for a decent time too and I just find it quite comforting even though it’s not my usual bag. I am ordering a back up as we speak since it’s LE.

I bought this from eBay and paid £16.

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