Lashaholic Addictive Glamour Fake Eyelashes LA01 Review

One beauty skill I wish I have is the ability to apply fake lashes well.  Some girls just seem to know where to ‘pop’ it on and it looks fantastic!

I tend to stick it…then wiggle…then I look in a different mirror and it just looks odd or is totally a mile away from my lash line. Why won’t it just look straight!!

I was sent a pack of Lashaholic Addictive Glamour lashes to try.  I asked for a natural style which is a bit easier to handle. The style in LA01:

Lashaholic Addictive Glamour Fake Eyelash Review

These lashes are very lightweight, and include glue.  This style is called Dainty!

What I noticed about these lashes is that they are very soft and the band is thin so they are good for people who are beginners like me! I stuck these on with minimal lash glue and they seemed to stick quite well:

Lashaholic Addictive Glamour Fake Eyelash Review 1

They are very light indeed and are a very small burden on the eyes – I don’t like it when my lashes feel really heavy!  I did stick these on with little bother and that is impressive because I usually end up just taking them off.

Here are the lashes on – they’re quite natural and wearable for every day:

Lashaholic Addictive Glamour Fake Eyelash Review 2

All in all, I am quite pleased with these lashes – good for beginners like me.
They cost £7.95 and you can buy them here.
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  1. liloo says

    ‘ I wish I have is the ability to apply fake lashes well ‘ <– they look rather perfect to me!
    lashaholic look gorgeous but £8 is a bit expensive for me x

  2. says

    Really pretty – are they easy to reuse? I know a lot of lashes say reusable but end up all wonky and gacky like a dead spider and I’d never put them near my eyes again! I’d want reusability for £8. That said, they do look really lovely on, natural and pretty. :-) x

  3. says

    I had a go at applying some falsies earlier and gave up. I definitely need all the help I can get. I don’t think I’d want to spend much more than a fiver on a set though, or else I might be tempted by these! x