Goody Hoo! Gwdihw Nail Wizard and Night Owl Sleep Balm Review

In my day job I deal with a lot of unusual, long (18 characters plus) names and let me tell you, sometimes there are letters that just shouldn’t go together. Like, Z and Q.  Or X and K.  When I saw these super cute Gwdihw balms I did sit there fore a second and try to pronounce it phonetically.

They say:

Gwdih? pronounced “Goody Hoo” is the Welsh word for “owl” and also the brand name of our great range of Natural Balms & Soothers.

Gwdih? (The Owl) is recognised today and known through human history as a symbol of wisdom and purity. Our range of balms and soothers are made using traditional methrods and herbs that have been used for generations to blend ointments for healing.

Ah! Goody Hoo!

Goody Hoo Gwdihw Nail Wizard and Night Owl Sleep Balm Review

These balms come in cute little tins and are made of natural butters and oils. They have a really adorable set of balms such as Muscle Rub, Bugs Away and of course a set of lip balms. I chose Nail Wizard for my dry cuticles and Night Owl Sleep Balm.

Nail Balm melts quite quickly to work into the nails. Ingredients: Coconut And Olive Oils, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Calendula, Lemon Essential Oil.

Sleep Balm is lovely and smells of Ylang Ylang which is a nice change from Lavender. Ingredients: Coconut & Olive Oils, Beeswax, Mandarin Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil.

The Nail Wizard balm is more ‘oily’ once it warms up whereas the Night Oil is thicker and bette for the skin.Goody Hoo Gwdihw Nail Wizard and Night Owl Sleep Balm Review 1

These balms are naturally scented by essential oils. The scent is quite subtle, not overpowering at all.

Here are the balms. They do feel somewhat different on my hand which is good, as it shows they’re not all the same thing but with different packaging:

Goody Hoo Gwdihw Nail Wizard and Night Owl Sleep Balm Review 2

These are so cute and nice little balms without preservatives and nasty ingredients. I’m tempted to get the bugs away for when I go on holiday!

The balms come in 25g tins and cost £4.25 each. Buy them here at Cute Cosmetics.

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  1. says

    Oh I’m so glad you reviewed these! I was looking at their website just the other day and I really want to try them. I’d love to try their night balm! They sound nice and the packaging is just adorable. On my wish list for pay day I think. :-) x