Jo Malone London Rain; Violets and Wisteria Perfume Review


I am so happy, happy, happy, that I have Jo Malone’s Violets and Wisteria in my life.  Why, I have a substantial perfume collection, but scents that I truly truly truly love are few and far between.  But Violets and Wisteria? It speaks to me. It is very me. For reference, I love light floral and tea based scents, with a hint of musk.  I’ve had this scent for months but i’ve waited till now […]

Hotel Chocolat does SCENT?! Cocoa Juvenate Repose Eau De Parfum and Treatment Candle


Chocolate. Have you had enough of it? Christmas seems to be a time for gorging on Chocolate, and my killers this year have been; 1. Lindt, the red ones 2. Ferrero Rocher, the gold ones 3. Misc – random pieces of chocolate people have stuffed into my mouth.  I have been fortunate enough to get some lovely Hotel Chocolat chocolate too – yum – and did you know they did fragrances too? You did? I […]

Roger & Gallet Paris Bois d’Orange Eau Sublime Gold Shimmer Fragrant Water is Christmas Delight!


What is Christmas if not a time for a bit of citrus! In our household in the evenings we always seem to bring out the satsumas…maybe it’s the best thing to eat after stuffing out faces all day.  I am new to Roger & Gallet – I think I have never bothered with the brand because it reminded me a range for the ‘older lady’ perhaps.  Then I smelt their gorgeous Fleur D’Osmanthus (with my […]

Book Review; Perfume The Art and Craft of Fragrance by Karen Gilbert


One of my beauty ‘things’ I always mean to do is to learn more about fragrances.  There are some writers who are so skilled at talking about scents, it’s so very impressive, maybe because they know their stuff – the notes, the similarities, the subtleties that make each perfume unique.   I have tried reading a few books about perfume before but it never really sunk in.  A thick book about the history of perfume […]

Les Senteurs Gourmandes Vanilla Chocolat Eau De Parfum & Chocolat Range Review


I have really been taking much more notice of fragrance in this last year and reading up on the topic (I have a great book I am going to review soon) as I feel like I am now at the age where I can really appreciate a good scent.   Les Senteurs Gourmandes has caught my eye before when I’ve browsed the Marks and Spencer Beauty Hall (pretty impressive brands M&S have called in I […]

Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Fragrance Perfume Review


As I get older, I find myself appreciating fragrance more and more, and whilst I can’t claim to be an expert, I am starting to explore more unusual scents and pin point what it is I really like in a perfume (it seems to be Vetiver and Osamanthus!).  Florals. Musky. Not too sweet.  Like a freshly brewed tea.  Fragrance is so subjective.  Jo Malone’s newest offering, Peony and Blush Suede Cologne is fresh floral scent […]

Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria Eau Du Toilette Perfume & How to get a sample!


When someone says Victorinox the first thing you think of is Swiss army knives, right? I purchased one for Mr C once, and he still uses it all the time now for various tasks…you never know when you’ll need something sharp! I was surprised to find out that the brand also has a range of fragrances.  Victoria Eau Du Toilette is; Swiss Army Victoria expresses the personality of a modern woman, endowed with an innate sense […]

Organic Fragrance? Acorelle Tea Garden Energizing Eau De Parfum Review


At first it is a little easy to not give Acorelle a second glance; this scent in simple packaging (box and bottle) doesn’t look like anything particularly special, but with further investigation reveals a few interesting facts about the brand!  Acorelle hails from France and is the one of the world’s first certified organic fragrances.  Each perfume (and the range is quite large) contains ‘natural’ raw ingredients, that is, they avoid many of the synthetic […]

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