Dariya Japan Men’s Palty Solid Fragrance Stick Oriental Review

I’m not one for spraying perfume on myself throughout the day – I think it’s a little too pungent especially in the work place.

So I am a fan of body sprays and solid perfumes for touching up!

Dariya is a huge brand in Japan and the Palty range is famous for hair dye – but it also has a extensive range of products for men. This Palty solid fragrance stick comes in a few variations (woody, citrus, oriental) – it’s supposed to be ‘for men’ but who cares, right?!


This solid perfume stick:1. Is long lasting
2. Easy to use
3. Can be used all over
4. Has a ‘powder in’ quality, therefore can absorb moisture.

So theoretically it’s a great product. The scent of this particular one is very nice – it’s a warm, spicy, sexy scent without being overpowering.

There is a big but! This product (that looks a lot like lip balm – hello, perfumed lips!) is very dry in texture.


So dry that I found it hard to use on the skin and even with warming up it was kind of crumbly. Horrible to use really. So it smells great but it’s hard to apply which means this has already been ditched. Gah!

I guess it could be used as a deodorant stick…depending on the size of your pit, it won’t last very long. Shame as it does smell good, and seemed to last long when I managed to get some of the product on my skin.

Verdict: Lame.

I bought this from Adambeauty.com, paid about £6 for it.

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