Beauty Bloggers Computer Accidents and My Dream Laptop!

This weekend I was trying to remove my caviar nails…as I’ve only just moved I had no idea where my regular nail polish remover was but I did find some pure Acetone. 

Stupidly, I was leaning on my laptop and blogging whilst removing polish…big mistake. The Acetone reacted with the plastic of my Macbook and it made it bubble up and turn into a matte finish super while glob (it looks like someone spilled paint on it and it can be peeled off, but it can’t). D’oh!


I would’ve been a lot more upset if it wasn’t for the fact that my laptop is about 5 years old now – which is about 240 years in Laptop years. The face is every Windows laptop I’ve had gives way after a year or so by my beloved Macbook is my workhorse! In a few months I’ll try to get a new Macbook Pro seeing as mine is on it’s way out. 

However this got me thinking.  As a beauty blogger I am forever spilling things on my computer.  So, if I was to create my dream beauty bloggers laptop I would include 4 things…


Cat sleeping


We multi task. So we take polish off whilst trying to do other things on the computer – tragically accidents and spillages happen! Grrr

2. Be glitter and pigment resistant 

Almost inevitably, make up will get spilled OR sometimes when you’ve just touched your face or applied some make up and touch your keyboard BAM! There’s make up everywhere. Or worse, pigment, which never seems to come off and glitter that falls down the side of the keys. Argh! What we need is a tray you can remove that collects all this stuff and you can just throw it directly in the bin.

3. Have a coffee and snack tray

Us bloggers are up all hours so we need an area for snacks – I am guilty of putting my doughnut on the wrist area of the laptop or resting my cup of coffee there. I have actually changed my laptop keyboard once before because of spillage.  Some kind of tray area that pulls out of the laptop would be EXCELLENT. 

4. Have a keyboard blocker

I have been known to fall asleep on the keyboard, and also my cats love to walk across and type something like ssadfjhklxxxxxxxxxxcjjkasaf.  Keyboards need a weight recognition system! If its lighter than a fingertip, then it needs automatically block the keyboard.

That’s all I can think of!!!  

What kind of features would your dream laptop have?

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  1. says

    Well, I’m not sure what to do about the acetone or weight recognition thing, but I can tell you there is something called a laptop keyboard protector!

    I am a new member of the Mac club (Apple, not the makeup brand, since I’m already a fan of that). My new Macbook Pro is barely a month old. I love it. One of the first things I got for it was the matte Moshi screen protector and the Moshi keyboard protector. Moshi ones are the best because the keyboard protector is the thinnest I have ever ever seen. Trust me. I tried out a cheap one and it was awful. Although, you might like those ones since you have to press extra hard to get the keys going – they lose a lot of tactility. Personally, having to press so hard on each key was really distracting and disturbed my flow of thought. So I knuckled down and spent some extra money on the Moshi one. What a difference! It’s super thin and transparent so the backlit keyboard is completely unchanged – I can barely even see it on my keyboard! Also, because it’s so thin (less than 0.5mm apparently), my keys are still quite tactile. Sure, at the beginning you may find it a little stiff especially after the wonderful tactility of your keyboard keys by itself, but the protector “softens” after a while and is really very easy to type with. I actually like it now as it has a bit more grip when I type. I, like yourself, am also guilty of eating whilst using the computer, so I am forever trying to scrape crumbs from out under the keys. And I really did not enjoy seeing my greasy fingerprints all over the lovely black keys. The Moshi keyboard protector really is the best option for protecting your keyboard. And it doesn’t slip either.

    As much as I love my Macbook Pro, I must say the glare of the screen is very high. This makes working in bright light conditions quite difficult. But Moshi make a fantastic anti-bubble screen protector which is matte. This way, I have reduced the glare of my screen, but am also protecting against scratches on my precious high resolution screen. The screen protector has a patented anti-bubble application so even if you’re a klutz like me, there is no way to get bubbles into the application. The screen protector fits the screen perfectly – right to the edge of the screen, so it just looks like the screen. There is no way to tell that there is a piece of strengthened plastic protecting the screen other than the fact that the glare is gone! For me, I don’t find the excellent resolution of the screen decreased at all, although some people who have this protector on their iPhones have complained that it did so.

    Moshi is a registered Apple product supplier, so their products are quite pricey, I must admit. But the price was worth it to me because of the high quality of their products and how badly I needed these. I just thought that I would spread the word so you know there is a semi-remedy to your problems! I love my Macbook Pro. The battery is excellent, it’s the perfect size (I got the 13″), the sound quality is unparalleled and the trackpad is the best thing in the whole world. Apple makes the best touch technology, after all. You will never regret getting a Macbook Pro, especially considering the good run you had with your last Macbook. Good luck and I hope this helped! :)