Lily Lolo Deep Purple Loose Pigment Eyeshadow

I have never tried any full sized products from Lily Lolo (a UK based Mineral make up brand). Love the name, like the look of the brand…I’d like to think there is actually a lady out there called Lily Lolo, dancing on a beach and thinking of concepts and packing the little pots full of pigment for me….

I finally got my hands on this pigment eyeshadow in Deep Purple to try:

lily lolo.jpg

Cute packaging, check. But how was the pigmentation?What I find with some mineral make up brands, is that their base products may be great but they struggle a little with colour items. Not so with this eyeshadow.

This eyeshadow is a beautiful colour – metallic, a very very true purple which I love…a good purple is hard to find. Its buttery soft too, it feels finer to me than MAC Grape pigment for example, which is chunkier, a bit gritty.


purple pigment.jpg

Priced at £5 its very reasonable compared to other pigments of its kind. You can browse the range here.

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