Frugal Friday: Confession Time – last five beauty purchases?

So I haven’t been a very good girl lately – call it life stress.  When life stress occurs I need a bit of escape and nothing is perkier than a sweet little package of beauty products…which stay in the envelope for a few weeks until I have time to open them, but still, that’s beside the point!

Thought I’d attend confession today and share with you my last 5 beauty purchases.  I noticed that all of the purchases are of the Asian variety and all are STUNNING – I defy you to tell me they’re not hubba-hubba, and don’t tell me it’s the same as buying a lipstick from Collection 2000, cos you know that’s a lie.

1. Jill Stuart Kitten Liner

Jill stuart kitten liner

So pretty! I love gel liners so I ordered two, in Gold Shell (Limited edition) and Cosmic Blue as I think I have too many black liners. I have no interest in purple gel liners and bitter chocolate does sound amazing too but I went for blue as I seem to have accumulated lots of blue shadows for the summer.

I hope this is as good as it looks as for £21, it’s pricey.


2. Etude House Aloha Collection

Etude House Aloha

Sometimes a collection just gets a hold of my heart (dragging my soul and my senses apartttttt).

As soon as I saw Etude House’s newest offering, the Aloha collection I knew I had to try some bits from the range.  I think the design is so cute! I bought 2 eye mousses, a bronzer, a foundation that comes with a bronze coloured mixer, some dual ended lip crayons and waterproof ‘art pens’.

It’s not that often an Asian brand will create a bronze based collection so I had to take advantage!

3. Paul & Joe Blue Horizon Eye Glosses and Bronzer

I have always been a fan of Paul & Joe but amazingly have managed to skip a fair few collections (like the cat one!) because..I don’t know. Almost too pretty to use!

Paul joe blue horizon

Blue Horizon is so lovely I bought all 3 eye gloss duos (I have always loved their eye glosses, even though they are sheer and VERY shimmery, they last for ages and don’t crease). I also bought the bronzer which I think looks lovely. I could quite easily go for the lip glosses and polish too in the blue tones but…best not!

4. Lunasol Eye Crayon in Blue Green

I’m identifying a pattern here – a sudden obsession with blue!

Anyway Lunasol’s Summer offering is completely utterly breathtakingly beautiful – check out EX02 Vacation Ocean Palette but all I really wanted was the eye pencil which is called blue-green. My favourite eye look of all time is a blue/green pencil with brown shadow, so that’s my excuse:


5. Various Skincare

I am trying to find skincare that will sort this extremely irritated skin of mine (as I’ve been messing about with other brands and using too many face masks!).  I bought a new Hada Labo ES (extremely sensitive!) skin cleanser and this…Snail Cream!

Etude house darling snail cream

Apparently it contains around 74% snail slime extract and is good for skin with fine lines, redness and visible pores.  Well…it’s a miracle cream! I just really hope it doesn’t look slimey or smells of snail – it was a placenta face mask that got me here in the first place.

Other products I have but haven’t opened yet:

Nars Dogon and Cap Ferrat.  Am a bit mad I bought them now, not sure I need them.

Esprique Lip Glosses – dying to use them, can’t wait

A number of goodies from Benefit – very excited to try Cha Cha tint

I’ve confessed! So tell me what were you last 5 beauty (or non beauty) purchases?

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  1. says

    Ooh, now you’re tempting me to pick up the Paul & Joe eye glosses. I love their packaging.
    But I’ve been trying to downsize things so I only bought some sunscreen from Biore recently. I’m dying to try the Aqualabel skincare from Shiseido, but I already have a huge backlog of skin care that has yet to be tried out. My skin has been pretty irritated lately too, so I stopped using the Palangtong bb cream I got as a magazine freebie.

  2. Jenni says

    omg you’re in shopping denial thats way more than 5 products! But extremely jealous love the look of the eyeliners :-)

  3. Cynthia C. says

    Love both Lunasol and Jill Stuart – it would be great to see the swatches. Had to laugh about the snail cream… I got talked into buying a 3-part snail-based skincare regimen (toner, serum, cream) by a particularly persistent SA at Baviphat in Seoul this past spring. She kept insisting that I needed it (she had supernatural skin herself). Have yet to break it out and try it, but would be motivated after reading your review…

    • Row says

      Hi Cynthia

      When I was in asia people kept pushing things on me saying I needed it..hmph. Having said that I love a bit of Baviphat! Let me know how it goes!

  4. says

    the snail cream also made me laugh. i thought placenta products were funny but this probably takes the cake. it looks cute though. look forward to your review!

  5. Jen says

    omg snail cream…I saw a pot of snail gel in Holland & Barratts, it did indeed look like snail slime lol I have a feeling the etude one will look and smell slightly better lol

    I’ve been pretty good beauty-purchase wise recently, maybe I’ve finally come to the conclusion I have too much stuff to use up first! One of my last purchases, Kiehl’s midnight recovery, I will definitely be repurchasing as it’s absolutely my skin saviour. I also bought the MAC face and body foundation whilst I was in Liverpool this week, and so far I’m loving it as it matches my face perfectly, lasts all day without caking up, and is nice and light perfect for summer weather :)

    • Row says

      Hi Jen!

      What was the snail cream like??? I know what you mean I have so many products to finish off :(

  6. Jen says

    It was slimy-looking lol Unfortunately there wasn’t a tester so I couldn’t try it out :(