Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio

Ever heard of Garden Botanika? I hadn’t. I was browsing the net for a concealer wheel (I so want Lise Waiter’s but its hard to get hold of).

Since 1989, Garden Botanika has remained true to its mission of creating products that are: botanically based, a careful blend of nature and science, cruelty-free, gentle to the environment and 100% guaranteed.

Anyway, whilst I was there, I got a trio lipset, which had a lip erase item (for getting rid of lip colours) a lip scrub (in a convenient tube) and a Vitamin E stick (lip balm):

Preview of “Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio”.jpg
Preview of “Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio”-1.jpg
Preview of “Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio”-2.jpg

The products here were all fine. The lip balm…was like lip balm – the lip erase I’m not entirely sure is any use as of yet. I want to test it with a deep red lip colour and see how efficently it removes that. The lip scrub was nice in that it is super easy to use with minimal mess, although I’d like it a little more abrasive.

The colour wheel:

Preview of “Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio”-3.jpg

Yellow, salmon for under eye, green for redness:

Preview of “Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio”-4.jpg

It’s really not a bad little concealer. I used the yellow as a general concealer on my face and it was thick enough to cover nearly everything. The salmon concealer is a lot thinner – why I thought – then I realised the sheerer, lighter texture is better under the eye. The green is a strong green – I used the TINIEST dot on my red patches and it worked quite well – but remember this is a strong shade, so use a light hand.

Preview of “Garden Botanika Concealer Wheel & Lip Trio”-5.jpg

I got mine from eBay.

Next monday I will be giving a Brand New Garden Botanika Concealer wheel away, so tune back in!

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