Cocktail Scents! Benefit Ring My Bella Eau De Toilette Review

I first spied Benefit’s super cute range of fragrances a few weeks ago, even though the ‘Crescent Row’ scents have been around for-ever.  They were all lined up pretty, shaped like cocktail shakers.  So cute! And they all come in a little house too:
Benefit Ring My Bella Eau De Toilette

Benefit’s newest fragrance offering is called Ring My Bella, and it is an unashamedly girly, floral, sweet but slightly sexy shade.  I don’t use that many perfumes regularly because I an quite particular…I don’t just grab any old perfume and spray. I can’t be doing with the lingering of a scent I don’t like…

How cute is the way the packaging opens up!? Perfect gift right?

Benefit Ring my bella Perfume

But then again I wasn’t sure if Benefit could do a nice scent…in the sense the Benefit is quite bold in approach.  Would the perfume be too strong, too artificial?

It’s definitely strong. But still, I LOVE this perfume. It reminds me of orchids. It reminds me Lady Millions in that way – also another In-yer-face-super-strong-look-at-me-I’m-a-girl scent, but I can’t help to feel good when I wear it.

This is also quite a obvious scent in that I can imagine a lot of people will like it because it’s sort of floral-musky-vanilla-y.  I can imagine if Ring My Bella was a girl, she’d be a pretty popular girl about town with a punch to her.  She’d be…she’d be Wendi Deng!

This apparently contains:

Top notes: pink rose petals, soft lily, summer daisy

Middle notes: Egyptian jasmine, creamy peony

Bottom notes: white patchouli, vanilla tincture, white musk

I’ve been wearing this for over a week and although it’s a little strong when you spray it, it lingers something lovely without being to ikky.  I love the packaging – as it’s not too big it’s no hassle to carry around, if you do wish:


Ring My Bella Benefit


Go and sniff it first (this is perfume, ya know) and if you like, I think it’s a cool item. There are other scents (there were another 3 I thought were lush) if this is too much for you.

The perfume costs £29.50 from Boots and other Benefit stockists.

*I was sent this as a gift.

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  1. Jen says

    Very cute packaging!! I’d be quite happy to whip that out of my bag during the course of the day!

  2. says

    i also like the packaging i sell avon and love looking at makeup and fragrances blogs thanks for this my web site is thank you