The energising scent! Les Fleurs De Bach Vivacité de Bach Eau de Parfum Review

Les Fleurs de Bach is a range of products built around the Bach Flower essences; skincare, fragrances, elixirs…

There are two scents, Vivacité de Bach for uplifting the spirits and Présences de Bach for relaxing and bringing balance. I chose Vivacité because god knows I need some energy!

They say:

The cheerful and spicy scent of Vivacité(s) de Bach will build up a sense of confidence and will result in an enterprising mind, strengthened with an uplifting sense of renewed energy.

It comes in beautiful packaging:


This scent is comprises of:

– Top notes: Gorse and Centaury,
– Heart notes: White Chestnut, Olive, Hornbeam
– Base notes: Larch and Mustard


I am seriously pants at describing scents, but what I will say is that this is truly a very invigorating perfume. It’s pretty masculine in my opinion, almost a little peppery at first squirt, then very musky-floral.

It’s strong and perhaps not the type of scent you would want every day but it’s one of those that is very unique….sort of herbally and you can’t stop sniffing it, but, it doesn’t induce a headache like a lot of commercial perfumes do (to me anyway!).

You get a 50ml bottle for your money, there’s quite a lot of it:


May I also add that it doesn’t do weird stuff to my skin, like make it go red and itchy as some scents do.

Overall, perhaps not one I would wear every day or to a party but a nice perfume for when I need a sharp kick to wake me up.

Buy the fragrance here for £44.50.

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  1. Jen says

    I do love the packaging of the Les Fleurs de Bach range…it reminds me of old-school apothecary bottles :) I kinda imagine this smelling like some of the Neal’s Yard Remedies stuff, which I do quite like