Les Fleurs De Bach Skincare Review & Discount Code!

I was sent a range of skincare called Les Fleurs De Bach to try a few months ago and boy, did it arrive at a good time…Les Fleurs De Bach’s skincare range is a range to help you relax and de-stress. It was just what I needed.

At the heart of all Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Skincare products is a subtle, delicious and natural fragrance based on essential oils: opening Top notes of Bergamot and Orange develop into a distinctive and soothing base of Lavender and Sage before delivering a final addictive chord of Patchouli and Eucalyptus.

I used the range for 2 months and now I am ready to review!

Packaging wise, the range is gorgeous. It has an old pharmacy look to it – it comes boxes in cardboard with a pale lilac label (I find this combination relaxing!):


I also love the packaging inside; the range comes in heavy glass amber bottles which I like. I can’t think of too many skincare ranges that have that kind of look at the moment, other than Neals Yard (which is a brand I’d say is the most similar to Les Fleurs De Bach)…
I have to admit I am a sucker for entire skincare ranges from the same brand (I have done this recently with a few brands, the shame!) although as always, there are stronger and weaker products in every range.


The cleanser & toner:

Anti-Stress Cleansing Milk 150ml £20

This smooth milk gently removes all make-up and impurities while preserving the skin hydrolipidic film, thanks to Sesame and Sunflower seed oils combined with Calendula and Masterwort extracts.

This is a very light textured cream cleanser – I usually prefer thicker ones but this is lovely! I really like the scent, with is kind of floral but peppery at the same time and this just has a really nice texture to massage into the skin to remove dirt.

I would say that if you are removing hardcore make up, you need separate make up remover as this isn’t enough on it’s own.

Anti-Stress Lotion – 150ml £20

A light textured Lotion / Toner for all skin types which gently removes all traces of cleansers whilst respecting the natural function of the skin. It regenerates and appeases sensitive skins with hydrolats of Melissa and Tilia.

This lotion or toner is similar in scent to the cleanser which I like. It works quite well as a toner but it does contain alcohol and when my skin was very dry, it stung – bear this in mind

Overall I like both of these, but I noticed that both of these products seemed to run out quick quickly (after 8 weeks of use they had pretty much all gone, whereas some of my other cleansers seem to last forever?). The cleanser is the stronger product in my opinion.


Anti-Stress Day Cream 60g £40

This unique Day Cream both intensely protects and soothes the skin thanks to our exclusive blend of vegetal extracts, hyaluronic acid and natural Vitamin E.

The day cream is a lighter version of the night cream. It reminds me a lot of Neals Yard creams (I’ve tried a few which I’ve really liked). The day cream is not too heavy and greasy so you can use make up over without it sliding off right away!

With my current very dry skin, I need an added boost of a serum or oil though. For normal to combination skins this cream would be enough.

The scent is the same as with the cleaner and toner.

Anti-Stress Night Cream 60g £42

Together with our Anti-Stress Bach flowers essences, it protects the skin from the effects of stress, helping your face appear smooth and rested in the morning

This cream is thicker and more of a yellow-ish colour. This provides more hydration which I need with my current skin

Once again it smells quite strongly of the floral scent – it IS relaxing, it reminds me of going for massages although you do have to find out if it’s your cup of tea or not. If you don’t like the scent then you won’t appreciate it on your face!


I found that both of these creams were nicely textured an great for me sensitive skin which usually flares up easily. I noticed my skin felt smoother and looked a bit better than usual.

I do think that at £40 and £42 these creams are quite expensive. They are lovely though and inline with the Neals Yard higher end ranges. If I were buying just one, I would probably opt for the night cream and use it as a day and night product because I prefer the extra nourishment.

The textures:


Anti-Stress Treating Fragrance Organic 50ml £19.50

It brings you the benefits of Aromatherapy (with an addictive blend of Sage, Lavender, Bergamot and Eucalyptus essential oils) associated with an exclusive blend of relaxing Bach Flower essences. Spray 3 times above your head, at home or in the office to soothe away the cares of the day.

This is an interesting product because it isn’t a fragrance for the skin, but for the atmosphere!

Every time I spritz this the cat looks at me strangely or Mr C pulls a face. I don’t think they’re keen. I personally find this rather peppery, a stronger scent the Bach Rescue Remedies and might not be for everyone.

I have been using it at night before I go to sleep and I quite like it now, it has a slightly calming effect on me (or at least I like to think so)! It’s not something I’d spray at the office or anything though, I think my adjacent colleague (call him Stuart-Baggs-Brent) would complain.


Anti-Stress Exfoliator Cream 60ml £22

Enriched with Lava and Apricot pip powders and natural extracts of Lin and Mauve flowers, this glow giving treatment will remove dead skin cells, lifting away dirt, excess oil, make-up and skin impurities to help promote a blemish-free complexion and aura of calm and well-being.

I’ve used this several times and I REALLY like this. Infact, if there were any products from this entire range I would recommend to any one it’s this exfoliator and the mask!

Both of these have the same floral-peppery scent and have really nice textures. This is a gentle scrub (I am allergic to a LOT of scrubs) and this manages to exfoliate but also hydrate as well.

It’s also a nice texture to massage around the face – part of the relaxation element I guess.

Anti-Stress Mask 60ml £24

Formulated with Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Melissa and Tilia hydrolats combined to natural Vitamin E. It will leave a radiant, hydrated, soothed complexion.

The anti stress mask for me is the star product – it’s so lovely! It’s kind of cooling and soothing, and with my current skin needs, it really hydrates and just generally makes my skin feel better.

I really like cream masks anyway and this one I find relaxing to use and better quality than a lot of the masks I have used lately (no preservatives or parabens in this range).



All in all, Les Fleurs De Bach is a really nice skincare range, nice for those who have sensitive complexions and people who enjoy using aromatherapy in their skincare.

To be honest nothing could de-stress me these days but these products I do find rather lovely to use and that is a bonus! It is definitely not the cheapest range and you don’t get tons of product but it is high quality without any nasty ingredients.

My faves: I loved the mask and exfoliator and the cleanser in particular.

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