Chanel White Essentiel Light Reflecting Fluid Foundation

Chanel’s White Essentiel range is a Asia exclusive – I’m not into whitening products – I don’t do ghostly but I do like brightening.

This foundation has liquorice and vitamin c and corrects dark spots. It gives a pure, translucent finish and contains a SPF 20.


I found this on eBay and bought shade 30 Cendre. Now I was playing pot luck there – I bought Pro Lumiere not so long ago and was matched with 30 Cendre. However, I later changed it for 40 Beige, which I not think is a tiny bit dark, but nothing devastating.


However the whitening range is known for being lighter than the normal range. This was either going to be a disaster or a success.

The colour was….perfect! I am amazed. 30 Cendre is similar to the normal Cendre in terms of depth BUT much more yellow. If you are remotely pink based you may want to skip this range because there is a very strong yellow base to it.


For comparison – this is the PRO LUMIERE foundation which you can buy anythere. On the left is Clair (no. 20) and on the right is Beige (no. 40) – Cendre sits between the two (but remember Cendre in the Whitening range is very yellow because it is for the Asian market).


I adore this foundation – not too sheer, not too heavy, nice and brightening, covers uneveness. So much nicer than Pro Lumiere (I don’t particuraly like that – even Matte Lumiere is much nicer). However, you MUST powder this one or you will get the oilies.

If you can get your hands on it and you are warm skin toned I’d definately recommend this foundation. Its my favourite Chanel one and I’ve tried quite a few!

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  1. Jenna says

    Hi! I was wondering about the last picture where you have the products on your hand. Which product is on the left? Could you tell me the exact product name and color because I’ve looked at the colors and there are only two, beige ivoire 05 and beige clair 10.