Sleek Glitter Eyeliners

Sleek Cosmetics make make up for dark skinned ladies, or at least that’s how the brand began. Infact they have tons of make up that is suitable for everyone, but have a base range that extends to dark/black skins which si great.

I bought their eyeshadow palettes years ago – and pretty damn good they are too.

They have just released some glitter eyeliners which are around £3.50 each from Superdrug.


Diablo (pink), Caribean (blue), Steel (grey), Ice (silver), Gem (purple).

With two swipes this is the amount of pigment I got from the liners:


I have to be honest and say I am off the glitter eyeliner at the moment, but these Sleek ones do a good enough job. They remind me of Urban Decay Glitter eyeliners, but at a fraction of the price though.

Once they dry, they set well and don’t run too much. It takes 2 layers to get a nice, sparkly effect but its so much better than glitter liners of yesteryear that were all liquid not glit….

If you want a cheap alternative to Urban Decay’s glitter liners check these out! You can get them from Superdrug.

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