Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow in Sea Mist

If Estee Lauder was a pair of pants, they would be granny pants, and not even good ones that suck you in, the ones that are elasticated and are fraying slightly.

It’s not a brand I buy from at all – just not interesting enough, but I found myself drawn to their new Double Wear Eyeshadows.

I die for cream eyeshadows. I really really really do. But I have a criteria.

5 Cream Eyeshadow Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not crease. Ever.

2. Thou shalt be pigmented or nicely iridescent.

3. Thou shalt be easy peasy to blend

4. Thou shalt not streak

5. Thou shalt withstand an attack by a kitten paw


Product Details:
Creme eyeshadow delivers intense colour that lasts up to 15 hours and goes on fast.

Long-Wear, Stay-True Colour

It’s stay-true colour at your fingertips with matte to demi-pearl finishes.

– Creamy formula goes on smoothly, blends easily.
– Seamless coverage won’t crease or fade.
– Can be worn alone or layered under powder eyeshadow.

For all skintypes and ideal for mature skin as it minimises pulling and tugging of the delicate eyelid


– Opthalmologist-tested
– Fragrance-free

I bought one in Sea Mist, a bright, fresh ocean blue.


There were lots of other colours and I would have gladly bought another but nothing was that interesting. The green, the blues, the peaches – all been done before. Colours must be more interesting!


Having said that, the texture is great. Its not a thick cream, its a medium-hard textures one that is buildable – two layers gave quite a strong colour.

However – when it’s dried, its dried. Beware, work quickly!


There’s a soft flattering shimmer to Sea Mist and its perfect for the summer! It didn’t last 15 hours – more like 6-7 but it’s pretty solid.


This is a good introduction to a cream eyeshadow. The colours are basic, nothing wildly exciting but I guess that’s Estee Lauders audience. It does last a long time, it does look shimmery and flattering. The texture is so-so, a cream that’s not too soft, not too hard….not madly thrilling though.

So yes I like it. Would I got back and buy another? Nope. My head is drawn to formulas and textures that are innovative and different – MAC and Benefit have already done the cream eyeshadow in the pot very well.

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  1. Alex Snider says

    I would like to know where I can find the Sea Mist stay in place shadow cream?? I love it and just can’t seem to find it. Please respond as I would like to order some. Thank you much????