Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Base – Green

It must be all the pork pies, because I am getting ruddier as time goes by.

There are green concealers but I don’t normally have the inclination to start painting vert onto my skin.

I have tons and tons of green correctors and concealers, ok? TONS. I don’t use any that regularly. Sorry my typing is erratic. The other half is doing Wi-Fit in his underpants and his butt is near my head.

Anyway Skinfood….Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Base! I love Skinfoods creative combinations. What can be more refreshing and light, and green than Lettuce and Cucumber!

The Lettuce and Cucumber line is hydrating – contacts cucumber extracts with 99% water.


The texture is very light, and its a pale green colour. It makes you look paler for an instant but doesn’t interfere too much with the colour of my foundation – so no garish green glow going on here.

It sinks in easily, doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on the skin. It also doesn’t change your foundation or make it hard to sink in.


This is a primer and is used under foundation. I tried this under a liquid and cream foundation but not with mineral make up (just not had the chance).


Verdict: It’s FABULOUS. Really really really good. It’s ok as a primer – makes make up last nicely but oilies will still break through. However, as a colour correcting base, its perfect.

Usually at the end of the day, I have got red patches under my nose and on my forehead – it’s just the way my skin likes to play! With this base there is a 90% reduction in redness! Yes, there’s a bit more oilyness but the redness is kept nicely under control.

I have been using this everyday because its light, sinks in easily and the tone is not garish at all (the main reason I haven’t stuck with my other green correctors).


I bought this from eBay for £12 with shipping. There are quite a few to choose from if you head over there for a search.

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