Niu Er Skincology Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant Face Scrub Review

Skincology is a sub brand under the Niu Er Family (they make skincare and make up!). The range is VAST.

I have paid special attention to the Skincology range because I’ve found the lip balm and hydrating cream really effective.

I got my hands on this Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant Face Scrub because I am obsessed with scrubs and masks at the moment.

Niu Er Skincology Daily Pore Refining Microfoliant..jpg

Here it is! This scrub is basically a rice based powder with enzymes that scrub away dead skin. I’ll be honest and say I expected a cream product not a powder – D’OH!

Its times like this I wish I stayed in Sunday Chinese School instead of sulking and crying until my mum pulled me out of classes so I could eat Butter-smothered-Smash and watch awful Sunday’s Children’s TV as presented by Cheryl Baker.

daily pore refining microfoliant .jpg

Anyway, its a powder. I got over it.

Using just half a teaspoon amount and some water you rub this all over for one minute.

The lid is weird. You have to pull it off, release some kind of plug then put the cap back on.

daily pore refining microfoliant skincology.jpg

I wanted a gentle scrub I could use everyday – despite having enzymes in it, this stuff is feels quite gentle but I really wouldn’t attempt it every day…it tingles a little.

I don’t want it to tingle a lot.The weird lid:

skincology scrub.jpg

The powder as you can see is quite fine and you can smell the pineapple. It has little blue bits in it too…reminds me of that scrub stuff you use to clean…

…at least I think it does. Dunno, I don’t do cleaning.

skincology rice bran face scrub.jpg


ingredients skincology scrub.jpg


I do wish it was a cream based scrub…but it isn’t. I have to accept that, like the day I finally accepted I wasn’t going to be a toe model.

If you are on the market for a powder based scrub (you don’t have to use it with water, add it to your cleanser instead if you like etc. etc.) then this is a pretty nice one.

Its exfoliating but not too rough, and I think as long as you don’t use it more than 3 times a week, not too drying.

I got it from for about £12.

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