Gorgeous! Trish McEvoy Turquoise Python Petite Makeup Planner Review

Trish McEvoy’s Limited Edition Spring offering is this super cute Python Petite Makeup Planner.

If you are ever thinking of investing in Trish, I’d highly recommend trying one of their seasonal limited edition planners or the credit card palettes as you get so many items in one place.

Turquoise Python Planner.jpg

Ta Da! I am a lucky gal, cos I got this beauty in the post. I have wanted a Trish McEvoy planner for ages but its a bit of an investment.

Trish McEvoy Python Planner.jpg

With this you get:

Turquoise Python Petite Makeup Planner

Petite Refillable Makeup Page

Deluxe travel-size Eye Base Essentials Bare

New Crystal Deluxe Diamond Eye Shadow

Azure Eye Shadow

Arabian Nights Eye Definer

Instant Pick-Me-Up Face Color

New Translucent Finishing Powder

New Irresistible Petal Lip Gloss (full sized).

Trish McEvoy Python Palette .jpg

Inside the planner – there’s a detachable little pouch for items and also an area for brushes.

I used to wonder why the planners seems ‘loose’ or a little wide – now I can see why – the fact is can stretch means I can fit in more planner pages or make up and brushes.

The make up palette:

trish mcevoy palette python planner.jpg

The Azure eyeshadow is at the top, Arabian Nights below, followed by the translucent pressed powder, Crystal eyeshadow (new release – I like that they put brand new launches in with this set) and the pick me up face colour which has bronze, beige and pink.

In addition you get a mini eye base and lip gloss. I have another Trish McEvoy Lip Gloss which is one of my top 5 faves and I have an eye base too:

Trish McEvoy Python Planner Lip Gloss Eye base.jpg

The gloss is a sheer pretty pink. Its not as unique as my other colour but its just easy to wear.

Here is the pouch which comes with it – I like that its mesh so I can see whats inside and it just fits into the slot in the bag. I personally would put loose products in here like pigments, eyeshadows and other lip glosses.

trish mcevoy planner python .jpg

Even though this planner is a Petite size, I think its pretty useful size to have.

I went back to Trish to buy a refill page for this planner and I could buy the Petite size OR Mini (which I did) to put my other Trish items in.

Trish McEvoy.jpg

I never noticed the planner pages before despite being a palette addict. They’re actually quite good – I paid about £14 for a Mini one and its all magnetic and open plan so I can put in any products I want (not just Trish). It has a mirror too….

Its also a solid, sturdy plastic case and you can take of the clips on the back (which mean you can loop it in a planner page or not) AND it comes with magnetic strips you can use in the case to hold shadows in place (whilst the palette isn’t full).

(I’ll take a photo of my Mini palette shortly to show you what it looks like).

Here’s a very quick eye I did with the palette:

trish mcevoy Eyeshadow python planner .jpg

With the blush, powder, lip gloss too:

Trish Mcevoy python palette.jpg

In my other planner page, I have other eyeshadows, foundation, blusher so I could very well just take this away with me on my next short break!


At £68 its well worth the money – when you think that you get the mini eye base, lip gloss, the case, a planner page, eyeshadow, blusher, powder etc. etc. etc. I’ve paid that much just for one palette (like the Armani Crystal Deco one and Bobbi Brown Chrome – both still to be used, d’oh).

Otherwise Trish is a great range but it can be quite expensive to start collecting. I’ll definately be growing my collection by buying the LE planners in the future.

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    Wow, new layout! Good job. Now I just have to get used to it.
    Btw, love the idea of the refillable planner pages.