Haul: Paul & Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Swatches and Palette!

I am not above hauling some Paul & Joe, and since they are quite expensive, I am most definitely up for some bargains.

Best place to find cheap Paul & Joe eyeshadows?  eBay! I paid about £7 each for each eyeshadow (which is about half price) and £6 for 2 empty palettes. I wanted to do a brown combo palette and a pink one.  There’s a space left in my pink palette because I have ordered a Paul & Joe Christmas eyeshadow from Ornamental Collection – 005 Joy to the World, a really bright pink!

Here’s the haul:

Haul Paul Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadows and Palettes Swatches

I do find these eyeshadows too expensive at full price though, because the solos don’t come with any kind of case at all, which means you’d have to fork out for a palette.

Here are the three browns – 02 Torch Song is a actually a beige-gold, 20 is a medium suede brown and 24 is a darkened brown black. I love that it’s called Leatherbound! That’s what it looks like – the dark leather cover of a book.Paul Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadows Leatherbound Torch Song Truffle

Here it is in the palette – I think it goes quite well, although after using it for a few weeks I am finding the middle shade, Truffle, a bit too warm.

Haul Paul Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Swatches

Here are the other 2 shades I got which are pinks. I know pink shadow isn’t for everyone but I really love them! Especially the lighter pretty pinks look great as long as you remember to line your eyes too! To avoid the super duper tired eye look (which I already have!).

Here is my half built palette:

Haul Paul Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Swatches Waterlilles Pussycat

To swatch, they don’t look drop down gorgeous, but they are actually pretty nice in texture and can be built up easily. I do like them a lot; most of these colours are suede with a tiny bit of shimmer, but 02 is quite glittery.  There are only 3 textures in the Paul & Joe Select shadows:

Haul Paul Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Swatches 1

I’m glad I got a bargain with these eyeshadows!  I wouldn’t have paid full price for them again.

What do you think of these eyeshadows?

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  1. Chloe says

    I can never seem to find any Paul & Joe stuff on ebay =/ it may sound stupid but what do you search? I have tried Paul and Joe, Paul & Joe and just plain Paul Joe but normally nothing much comes up~

  2. Jen says

    Great bargain to pick up off ebay! I was a bit put off buying makeup off ebay for a while after falling for some fake Benefit stuff, but sometimes it’s just the easiest place to look for certain brands!