Review: Psyderma Skincare is kinda brilliant

Blame Clinique and their 3 Step System, but from a young age, I’ve always imagined using a matching Skincare system that looks oh so good on my bathroom shelf.

Cleanser. Toner. Moisturiser. Coffee.

But of course, life isn’t like that. Like a lot of ladies, I pick out a product from this range and a product from that range. I test so many types of skincare products that my attention is fleeting.

I am a bit of a skincare whore. I am a bit of a Noirin when it comes to skincare.

Linda Papadopulous.jpg

Dr Linda Papadopoulos’s Psyderma got my full attention.

The premise behind the range is that a healthy (stress free) mind = healthy skin. They say:

Each of the products in the Psy-DermaPsy-Derma range has a unique blend of ingredients combining vitamins, essential oils, active ingredients and Nootropics (derived from the Greek word ‘noos’ or mind and ‘tropein’ meaning to bend/turn).

They’re right – my skin never looks worse than when there’s 9 seconds left on an eBay listing.


I got the whole range of the Psyderma, Cleansing Thoughts Foaming Cleanser (£13.50) (a clear, slightly yellow coloured gel which smells like Jasmine flowers – really gorgeous), the Pure Thoughts Toner (£13.50) (which is also floral), the Enlightenment day cream (£32.00) which comes in an interesting pump and is a citrusy smelling orange lotion and the Intensive therapy stress relief serum (£30.00) is a light lotion which brightens the skin.


I can’t say for sure of course, if psychologically this has had any stress busting effects on me – and I am sure there are many cynics who think the combination of psychology and skincare is mumbo jumbo.

But I can say this is a pretty brilliant skincare range. I adore it. I adore all of it.

For one thing, the scents in the range are delicious – so often people who devise ‘organic’ ranges get it wrong and how do you put it – have it too organic, too raw. Yes I like grass, but I don’t need to smell the dung, if you know what I mean.

Psyderma smells DELICIOUS. In particular the Facial Cleanser and the Day Cream stand out.

The entire range is also highly suitable for sensitive skin. I have uber sensitive skin and sometimes I want to love a cream or cleanser but I can’t because it makes me itch. Nothing in this range broke my out at all – and that is rare.


My skin is looking better. Maybe psychologically, my skin didn’t itch, it looks brighter, feels firmer too so I feel better for it.

In the words of the late, great Samuel Beckett, ‘It’s all symbiosis’.

I would recommend the entire range to anyone who has normal or sensitive skin and wants a really effortless, nice smelling skincare range.

Another bonus is the price points – £13.50 for cleanser and toner I think is highly reasonable and there is a kit for £24 which has all four products if you want to test it.

You can view the range and purchase here.

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  1. Nicolavc86 says:

    Shes called WHOREIN remember!!! haha!! love that you mentioned the shedevil in a post!!

  2. Debbie Thomas says:

    Hi there,

    I don’t want to disappoint you, but I’ve just bought the Psy Derma cleanser, toner and day moisturiser (all full size) from TK Maxx for, wait for it…… £4.99 and £9.99 respectively!!! A bit of a saving!!

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