L’oreal Paris Made for Me Naturals Lipstick; Tender Rose, Sensual Rose, Luminous Coral

Earlier today I swatched some of the L’oreal Made for Me Intense colours, now I have 3 of the naturals – once again divided up into Blondes, Light Brunettes and Brunettes:


Even though there are these guidelines (which kinda make sense) rules are made to be broken!

The naturals range is a set of pale pinks and corals…

The lipsticks:#alttext#

Tender Rose for blondes is a very pale frosty light pink.

Sensual Rose is a sheer orange based shimmery rose.

Luminous Coral is a orangey shimmery lipstick.


Tender Rose is definitely too pale for me! In this case I do recommend it for fair ladies since this is a bit too retro for those with olive skintones. However – it could be quite dramatic for a smokey eye.


Sensual Rose is on the shimmery side so leaves a glossy look behind. It’s more orangey than rosey on me but it does have a slight lip plumping effect which I like.


Luminous Coral for Brunettes is the most pigmented of the three and it’s a warm coral shade which is very pretty and wearable for spring.


Overall I prefer the intense shades as they made my lips look healthier – the nudes make my lips look drier although they’re more wearable for every day looks.

These cost £8.16 each and are new for summer (5 new shades in the Natural Range in total). Purchase from stockists like Boots and Superdrug.

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  1. says

    this range drives me nuts. Seriously – would it kill them to do a couple of colours for redheads? Or does L’Oreal think ginger is catching and high ups at corporate are scared of contagion. Seriously – asshats.

  2. Andrea says

    I liked the 3 of them. I totally agree that brighter shades does looks healtier indeed than the nude ones but i think it has a lot to do with the kind of finish too. Sometimes i have the idea the Pearled one can give one paler look than a satin finish for example

  3. Jen says

    I had a look at these the other day because I quite like the idea of having shades to suit certain skintones and hair colours, but there wasn’t one colour that really stood out to me, not enough to make me want to purchase. Plus the fact that I really don’t like lipsticks with that “pearl” finish. So I ended up buying a fuchsia lip stain felt-tip pen from GOSH lol