My Last Minute Christmas Gift Wish List!

I believe that today is the last day that a lot of online shopping companies will guarantee Christmas Delivery (which is on Sunday) unless you use a premium postal service.

I did all of my Christmas shopping weeks ago!  The problem with buying too early is that you see other things later on and if you’re like me, you end up gifting someone 3 times…

Anyway, I am a nightmare to buy for. Anything I want I buy myself so its hard for people to know what to surprise me with so I end up with stuff I’ve picked out or even duller, money.

Cat money

Oh I know, money is always useful and can buy a few lunches but I’m the kind of person that would rather get something quite wacky as a gift!

Craziness aside here are 5 things I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas…

1) Steve Jobs Autobiography

– Already bought this whoops.

The autobiography looks huge but I can’t think of any thing else I’d rather read over Christmas.

Steve Jobs The Exclusive Biography

2) Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow

I saw these on the counter a few weeks ago – the SA was horrible and rude so I walked away but I did think the Eyes to Kill pigments were SEXY. I want a few of the darker colours to try even though they look rather impractical:

Eyeshadow by Giorgio Armani Beauty Luxury Eye shadow Powder Eye shadow Cream Color Palettes 1 1

3) Nintendo 3DS Zelda Edition

Zelda is my favourite game in the world! I didn’t really want a 3DS but this sexy make over (Limited Edition Zelda design) makes me want it. Also the new Zelda 3DS game Ocarina of Time has been hailed a masterpiece.

Limited Edition Zelda 3DS confirmed for Europe | Metro co uk

4) Spanx

I tried control pants for the first time in my life recently, worn under a Herve bandage dress and WOW, does it make a difference…and that was a crappy one from a supermarket!  So I want to try Spanx! These ones from Debenhams are perfect!

Black super higher power shapewear shorts

5) Copacobana on DVD

This is one of my favourite childhood films!!! I know all the songs off by heart but it’s been hard finding it on DVD.

Google Image Result for http ecx images amazon com images I 51VFS3R6VNL SL500 AA300 jpg

That’s it really, it’s always nice to get a little surprise from someone

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  1. Jen says

    I had the song copacabana in my head the rest of the night after reading this post! I never knew it was a film though!
    I buy my gifts last minute, for exactly the same reason that if I buy too early I end up changing my mind a few times over (according to the dailyfail, I am a classic maximiser!). I always seem to end up with either really random gifts (cos my friends are at a loss as to what to get) or very girly girly gifts. I don’t really mind what I get though, as if there’s anything I need I get it myself, and it’s always the thought that counts :)