House of Fraser Sale Day

For UK ladies, (or gents) House of Fraser is having their blue cross day – 25% off for clothes and accessories, 10% for cosmetics.

The House of Fraser near me, Kendals, sells a lot of the big brands, MAC, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Benefit, Aveda, Clinique, Chanel, Clarins etc. etc. etc.

Since I have my eyes of Dior’s new Matte Bronzer, I am debating whether walking an extra 5 mins is worth it to save £2.50. My toes are killing me today. It would be if…House of Fraser didn’t have the crankiest old cows working there.

In Manchester, in the olden days, there was only House of Fraser that was an upmarket stores. Since the city has been regenerated, we have a Harvey Nichols (medium snobby, has Shu Uemura, but otherwise, not a fantastic selection of brands), then there is Selfridges, which is a nice mix between high end but approchablity. Its also smack bacg in the centre of town.

With this in mind, I haven’t stepped into House of Fraser for a while, except to avoid some rain. Oh the evil looks. The women who work in there have obviously spend the last twenty years staring at the same wall. I have honestly found a lot of make up sa’s approchable and friendly (even if they don’t know what they are talking about) but the atmosphere in Fraser you can cut with a knife. They are the archetypeal (is that a word?) evil beauty cosmetic girls.

Right, so I’ve talked myself out of going there on my lunch. But if anyone else is interested, go ahead, take some abuse and grab some bargains!

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  1. Cevest Lee says

    I wish they have mac in the house of fraser on oxford st. it’s not very impressive, at all! They only have the most generic brands lying around…but i just had a look at their website they do have nars!

  2. Row says

    Unfortunately they dont have nars at my local house of fraser otherwise I would definately indulge in the new collection!