Sara Happ The Lip Scrub Review

I’ve these lip scrubs for a few weeks and have only got round to a review now!

Being not one to do things by halves I ordered all six flavours!


Cinnamon Sugar – a sweet, cinnamony thick dark brown sugar paste:


Peppermint – white sugar:


Cocoa – Chocolatey good:


Vanilla Bean:


Almond Creme:


Brown Sugar:




So basically this is a lip exfoliator. It’s main exfoliating component is good old sugar. There’s tons of product in each of these jars and the paste is very thick.

I have a few lip scrubs but I have never found them scrubby enough. I like something with some tough exfoliating power and Sarah Happ has that.

I opened Cinnamon Sugar – I just love Cinnamon!


I got a dollop of this then worked it into my lips for a while. It felt gritty, then I wiped (and licked it off a bit) and my lips were fresher and softer but on the downside, a bit sticky and sort of….dry. Le Mer lip balm to the rescue.


The product is not without its faults. Let’s get real for a second – the main ingredient is SUGAR. Each one of these pots cost £20. Yes it’s pretty and it’s a lovely gift for a girlfriend as it comes in a gorgeous box and pot. And I think it will last but…£20. For a tub of sugar.

I mentioned a few posts ago I was once a soaper – made the real thing with fats and lye, but I also picked up how to make things like face creams (quite tricky) and lip balms. I think it would be quite straight forward to make a balm base then incorporate some sugar into it to make it into a scrub. It wouldn’t keep as well as this, but still it would cost a lot less. You could also use other grainy things like….er…..erm…..grit….sand….maldon sea salt….


God knows why I bought all six flavours – because I’m stoopid?

Anyway I have already opened cinnamon and I think I will keep pepperming but if you are interested in any of the other flavours drop me an email. They are brand new, sealed, boxed, ribboned for £14.00 each, (£20 rrp) plus £2.30 shipping in the UK recorded, £3.30* shipping international.

*This is not recorded. Recorded international shipping is £6. I sent a lipgloss, ONE poxy lipgloss to the US cost me £5.60 last week. No joke. So if you want recorded it will be £6

Flavours on sale are:

Brown Sugar
Vanilla Bean
Almond Creme

email –

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    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      Scrubs are supposed to remove all the dead skin from the lips and leave them soft and moisturized!