Daily Fail: Catherine Zeta Jones and a bad Photoshop Job

The Daily Mail generally speaking, doesn’t like women very much and they love to pick on certain celebrities.

They are forever bitching about (and giving backhanded comments to) Victoria Beckham, Christine Bleakley, Cheryl Cole (Tweedy?) and Catherine Zeta Jones et al.

Today’s Daily Mail bitchy reporting says that something is “up” with Catherine’s face:

Oh Catherine, whatever is going on with your face? That photograph taken on Monday as you arrived at the Film Society’s Chaplin Award Gala in New York was attention-grabbing for all the wrong reasons.

Dull, lifeless skin with open pores and blemishes, puffy eyes, and a curiously smooth-looking forehead.



Take ONE GOOD LOOK at Catherine’s eyes in the photo and tell me they haven’t been photoshopped. Badly.

Its actually AWFUL photoshopping, like the stuff I did when I started my Photography Lessons “How to use burn/dodgy tool”. Her eyes have been whitened, the patch at the bridge of her nose has also been lightened and they’ve done something weird to the colour so her eyelids look all red and puffy.

Now, let’s take another look at Catherine in another photo, taken at the same event:


Not too shabby, huh?

When the Daily Mail dislike someone, usually because they are beautiful, skinny and rich, they will find any excuse to pull them down.

Note: Whilst we take the mickey out of badly applied make up on Cosmetic Candy (hey, you have a make up artist and a mirror, don’t you?!) dissecting someone in such a personal way, tearing about every feature of a person’s face is just cruel.

Especially when the photograph that is being used as a reference is questionable, it’s just plain nasty and unprofessional. But this is The Daily Fail I guess.

Read the article, if you can stomach it, here.

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  1. says

    she looks vampire-like in the first picture! And indeed, in the second picture she is quite made-up but attractive and flawless.

    I cannot believe photographers are allowed to photoshop celebrities like that without their permission (or a caption that they have been photoshopped). It is awful they are not discredited for such actions…

  2. liloo says

    i suck at photoshopping (i actually hate the fact that the brand ‘photoshop’ is now the word everyone uses to mean ‘digitally alter’) mainly because i don’t use actually use photoshop. I use some crap cheapo programme (paint shop pro) and with my limited skills i could do a better job that that. what’s up with the twilight effect? why why why?

  3. Rich says

    Bah, CZJ should sue the Daily Fail for this.. She’s gorgeous and HOT! (I would anyway, even if she is over 40 and married)

  4. says

    ugh the Daily Hate Mail strikes again.

    Lol it used to be a case of i couldnt date anyone who smoked, now its id never date anyone who read the daily mail lol