Randomness No. 5: Beauty Yay or Nay: Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Glittery Make Up

Sophie Ellis Bextor is certainly a very unique looking woman, although her jawline reminds me of Quagmire.

She tends to wear quite bright, funky eye make up too – but what do you girls think of her latest look?

Sophie Ellis bextor.jpg

I adore glitter, and she has a great cat eye shape for a lot of make up looks but personally, I think they gold all under the brow is overkill.

What say you?

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  1. I say nay. I find it verging on drag makeup, or even clown-like.

  2. surely a Nay~

  3. tigerslovepepper says:

    I can barely look at her! xD

  4. Wooaahh. I’m normally a big fan of Sophie’s makeup but this is ROUGH o.O

  5. It’s a bit ‘kid attacking mum’s makeup’ look.

  6. Oh hell no! Sorry, but this is way too much for my liking.

  7. I adore glitter. I really, really do. But you’re absolutely right; the gold glitter is overkill. I think if she had kept that lavender and teal glitter just on the lid and under the eye and then left the brow bone matte, it would look really nice. But as it is, it’s a nay!

  8. I agree, get rid of the gold and it might be nice. Otherwise, too lady of the evening.

  9. catastrophic!

  10. yay yaaay YAAAAY!!!! Jesus Christ!

  11. Speak for yourselves; I happen to LOVE panto!

  12. A massive nay! Surely she has done this herself for a night out, in a room with nobody in and the lights turned off! maybe a bit harsh, but as others say, it looks more like drag make up than fashion make up!