Randomness No. 4: Introducing my new blog & Swatch Gallery….

Hai there!

First things first, the Swatch Gallery is now open, BUT only 5% of the photographs I have are on there. Still, have a look around I will be adding more images as I go along.

The blog sale page and reviewers area will also be up in the next Month so keep your eyes open!

Now, I have been working on a few blogs recently…

What I’ve found so interesting with blogging is that if you aren’t writing about something you have a truly passion for, its incredibly easy to dry up when it comes to material and ideas. It becomes a real chore.

I’ve always felt that with Cosmetic Candy, luckily enough, I love trying out new things but even if I didn’t get the new things I’d still have lots of fun ideas for the blog. Make up is truly my crack, I guess.

Grumpy Cat-1.jpg

I’ve had another blog for moaning and ranting (which is also my crack) for ages but I wrote on it and totally put it on the back burner to work on Cosmetic Candy.

Well I have plenty to moan about and so here it is – www.grumpyyoungfemale.com.

I won’t be updating all the time, just when something makes me grumpy (so it might be quite often then!) and you can easily stay up to date with updates on the newly created Grumpy Young Female Twitter.

It really is just me letting loose, so please realise that I am a lot of it is sarcastic humour…

*I have another blog in the pipeline but then that will be it for a long time – I barely have time to sleep as it is but what can I say, I love to write!

Much Love!

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