Revlon PhotoReady Compact Make Up SPF20 Review

I love a bit of cream.

Cream/Creme foundation that is (although clotted cream with some jam on a scone – yum! Actually I don’t like scone. Just give me cream and jam in a bowl).

The reason why I like cream foundation is because it’s quick. It is hydrating. If it dries to powder, it can be quite long lasting too. But a good cream foundation is so hard to find, most are just a tad to greasy for me, where as some just drag.

Revlon Photo Ready liquid foundation seemed to me like it had many fans (despite the “sparkle”) so I was excited to try the compact version.


Revlon packaging is always so…square. I mean would you want to carry this around with you in all honesty where there is such pretty packaging around?

Now something very interesting about this compact…

It has a mesh on top. At first I thought it was just an imprint but no, it is a mesh:


When you press it, the foundation comes through – I felt that this would perhaps warm it up a bit for you, get it a bit softer:


The pigmentation is good. This is 200 Natural Beige which is fine for my NC35 skin:


Skin before:


Despite the somewhat promising pigmentation of the base I found it seriously hard to work with. It seemed to drag on my skin, leaving streak marks. It also clung to flaky bits quite badly and when I did finish applying it, I felt it looked overdone and cakey.


The strange thing is I passed this on to my aunt and she really likes it – her skin is oilier than mine and perhaps that’s why she had more luck.


The tone, in reflection I think is quite close to my skin tone but a bit ‘dead’ – somewhat greyish so to speak.


This didn’t hit the spot for me, a shame because I think Revlon has some good staple products. Costs £12.99 from Boots and similar high street pharmacies.

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  1. Vvn says

    I’ve tried this recently, and I’m in a total love-hate relationship, my skin type is usually oily but can be normal(ish) I have the same skin tone as you, and I tried both 200 and 250 and both appear to have a grey cast of some sort, I thought I would love this because I didn’t like the glitter in the liquid version, but if you look REAAAAAAAL close, there’s still tiny shimmers in it too.
    I love it for lazy days applying with a stippling brush, but not fond of the dewy-ish finish and grey colouring of it, I took my mesh “liquifying screen” out, and use it without, which is just fine and daaandy

  2. says

    i think u have the same probs wif me when i tried the max factor compact..just eek me eventho im oily skin..i just cant seem to smooth it on my face!

    xoxo elle

  3. says

    I agree with you about the ‘dead’ comment – I thought it before I saw you had said the same!

    I bought the powder compact (why on earth would you call it a compact – it’s such a big bulky thing!) from this range and I really like that actually, it’s good stuff as far as I can tell. I’ve only used it a handful of times.

  4. Jen says

    Definitely looks a bit ashen…I’ve never tried any Revlon base products before and after reading your review I think I’ll probably be giving this one a miss too as I’ve got my little dry patches to contend with!

  5. says

    I’m glad you reviewed this. I’ve recently started wearing foundation and was thinking of trying a compact to see if it’s any easier and quicker to apply, but judging by your review, I’ll give this a miss. Interesting that it has a mesh top though, I wonder what purpose it serves? x

    • Row says

      Hi P&L

      Hmmm I guess the mesh, when you press down on it makes the cream squeeze through, then it seems almost more liquid. Perhaps it softens it up for application? x

  6. says

    Thank you so much for reviewing this! I was about to drop serious money on it and hesitated at the last moment. So glad I did, I get severe cases of the ‘ashies’ with most foundations so this would probably be my idea of hell.